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Can I park my uninsured car on a public road?

According to the laws in most states, a vehicle cannot be parked in or on a public road if it does not meet the minimum requirements for car insurance. There is always a possibility that your car could be towed away or issued a citation for a traffic violation. If a police officer runs a check on the plates of your vehicle, he may be able to determine if your vehicle does not have insurance. In most states, an insurance provider is required to report to a Department of Motor Vehicles if there is a lapse in sufficient coverage on a vehicle. This can lead the DMV to suspend the registration on your car.

There is sometimes an alternative to this possible situation. Often a city will allow a parked an uninsured vehicle to remain where it is if you register the car as a non-operational vehicle. This is simply the registration of a car that is not being driven. If you choose this action, the vehicle officially becomes illegal to have on the road in a driven form. You will likely black tag the vehicle as well so you do not have to renew your tags every year. This situation will not change until you have reinstated the necessary coverage on your vehicle. 

Any vehicles within a motorist's possession are required to have insurance unless they are registered as non-operational. If you leave an unregistered and uninsured car on the road, it's operational status will remain in effect. This can allow it to be towed quite easily. If you choose to insure the vehicle, the factors that affect the rates of operational vehicles will still apply to your car. However, due to an almost nonexistent annual mileage count, your rates should be lower for this one particular car.

It may be advisable to maintain insurance on your parked vehicles just from a personal standpoint. A vehicle is far more likely to be hit in the road than it is in a driveway or garage. Thus you have a greater chance of being involved in an accident by parking your car out there. If you become the victim of some sort of crime like vandalism or auto left, you will be forced to cover all the repairs or funds yourself. By maintaining some sort of coverage, you can better seek help in a risky situation. If the car is new or valuable, look toward comprehensive insurance as it will cover events like hit and runs and vandalism that commonly occur for cars parked on the street.


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