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Car Insurance: About More Than Price

Price is and will always be an important concern to car insurance comparison shoppers. This is inevitable and rather understandable as well. After all, if we must have car insurance, there is no reason for us not to try and save money on it where we can. Price shopping is easy to accomplish in the online insurance market, too. But car insurance is about more than just price. The best deal on your premium should not be the only factor you take into consideration when you are shopping for your next policy. There are other important factors to keep in mind as well. Although as consumers our minds never wander far from the issue of price, other variables like quality of coverage and customer service have to be factored in as well to ensure that we make the correct choice when it comes time to choose a car insurance provider.

Premiums Buy Coverage and Protection

It is easy to get caught up in a search for the lowest price and lose sight of all else. After all, the main reason most of us shop around at all for auto insurance is to try to find the best deal and the cheapest premiums. Money is a scarce commodity for a lot of us these days, making it all the more important to find the best bargain we possibly can. But finding a bargain involves more than just finding the company who will charge us the lowest price for an auto policy. In weighing a bargain, equal consideration must be given to an assessment of the value provided by the policy itself. In other words, while a great price is wonderful, it is even better if it is attached to a policy offering great protection.

In the process of gathering quotes and comparing prices, be sure to also compare policies for the quality of protection they offer. Oftentimes one company will come in the lowest, but on closer inspection will also actually be offering a lesser policy, either in the way of reduced limits, higher deductibles, or both. The quality and the quantity of protection being offered in each prospective policy have to be weighed on equal footing with the price tag if you want a true understanding of which quote represents the best value or the best bargain.

In keeping with this last statement, you should pay close attention to the different companies who are offering to sell you an auto policy. Ask yourself: which ones are familiar names to you? Which ones do you recognize at all? Are there any that stick out as ones that friends or family members have had bad experiences with? Be sure you spend at least a little bit of time thinking about these sorts of questions. A little time spent now can save you a lot of headache later.

The general reputation of the car insurance company does not guarantee results one way or the other, of course. But it can give you a basis for at least paring down the field somewhat. When you have a list together and are ready to start getting some quotes and taking a closer look at each of them, be prepared to roll up your sleeves and compare each quote side by side. This is the part where many of us err in only looking at the bottom line of a company's offering. It is true that price will surely always be the number one individual factor for most of us. The economics of our lives necessitate that being the case. If money were no object, price would not be so important. Still, we have to focus in on what we are getting for our money.

Auto Provider Compare and Contrast

For example, does the cheapest quote include the same types of protection as the others-whether they be collision, comprehensive or other optional endorsements? Check also the maximum limits of protection included in each area of coverage. One company might be offering just the state minimum level of liability insurance, for example, which another may be including higher limits as part of its quote. If you want to do a true comparison between a few companies you are very interested in, make sure you can do so on an apples to apples basis. Be sure both companies are quoting the exact same policy so you can be sure that a low price is really a low price in the absolute sense.

But again, low price may be very important, but it is not the only thing. Now is also the time to think about other considerations, like customer service. The whole reason we have car insurance, aside from legal requirements bidding us to do so, is to ensure that we have an advocate to work on our behalf in the event of a claim situation. If you end up choosing a fly by night company who cannot even properly represent you at this critical time, you've wasted your premium, even if it was a cheaper premium than the other providers were offering.

Auto Insurer Service and Reliability

Customer service is a very important part of the whole package when it comes to our auto insurance protection. You want to work with a company who will stand by you when you run into trouble. You need a provider who has the capability to answer your questions and to be your representative in the aftermath of an accident or other serious claim situation. While you are comparing quotes side by side against one another, be sure to also look into customer service standards and tendencies.

You need to know your insurer is reachable at all times. The one you select should have 24 hour claims service that allows to to get a claim started whenever the event occurs. And when you go to start that claim, you should know you are going to reach a human being. This behind the scenes work is at the essence of what separates great auto insurance providers from average ones. If you come across a company really stressing customer service and putting a lot of energy into maximizing your experience as a customer, it may be worthwhile to spend a few extra dollars to get into that policy as opposed to a cheaper one with a company that maybe does place such import on customer service. After all, your auto insurance is only as good as the provider's willingness and ability to respond to a claim.

There is no doubt about it: the bottom line is and will likely always be the leading factor for most auto insurance shoppers in their search for new providers. In today's market especially, that probably should be the case. As much competition is out there battling for you as a customer, you should demand a fair premium in exchange for your business. But car insurance is about more than price. When you are comparison shopping for policies online, make sure to keep in the forefront of your mind the protection you are paying for through the act of buying a policy. If you're not well protected, your premium dollar is wasted.



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