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Car Insurance Company Quote

When you're looking into purchasing auto insurance, getting a car insurance company quote can seem like a real hassle. After all, isn't car insurance the same, wherever you get it? And aren't all the prices pretty much the same? Getting one quote, let alone three or four or more, seems like it would take a lot of time and not leave you much to show for your efforts.

However, with the arrival the's free quote service, your concerns about the time and energy you might spend looking for quotes can go out the window. This easy-to-use free service allows you to get the quotes you need without any wasted effort. In fact, after you enter information about the drivers and vehicles you want to insure and the type of insurance you want, you will receive quotes instantly.

If you're still skeptical about the need for a quote before you purchase auto insurance, read on. Beyond the free quote service offered here, there are many reasons to do some investigating before you purchase car insurance.

Why Get a Quote?

If you think that all car insurance companies offer similar prices, you might be surprised at what you see if you take the time to get several car insurance company quotes. In fact, prices can vary quite a bit, especially if you live in an area where there are many national insurance companies competing for your business. Like in any other competitive marketing arena, if a company needs more clients, they might lower their prices to attract some. If you happen to need insurance when this is going on in your area, you will be one of the lucky ones who gets in when prices are low. While you can't wait for a pricing war to purchase auto insurance, getting a quick quote can let you know if anything like this is going on in your area at the moment.

In addition, different companies are willing to take differing amounts of risk and evaluate risk differently, so what makes you incredibly risky to one company, and therefore means paying a high price for your insurance, might be assessed as a lower risk with another company. This means you would pay lower rates at the second company. However, you would never find this out if you didn't get a quote.

Even if there is nothing special going on in your situation (no price wars and no differing risk assessments), some insurance companies simply price their services different than others. If the type of insurance you want is simply cheaper with one company than with another, you'll see this in an instant if you get several quotes. In addition, some car insurance companies offer special deals when you combine different types of insurance. Again, you'll be able to see this at a glance if you get different quotes. With the prices laid out before you, there won't be any question about which option is the cheapest.

If getting a car insurance company quote helps you see which company offers the lowest prices, it can also help you see which one offers the greatest value for your money. Price and value are related, but not identical, and value can be more subjective than price. If, for instance, the cheapest company you get a quote from offers the insurance you want but the company with the next highest prices offers that insurance you want plus some added bonus offers, you might want to go with the higher price if the extra offers have some value to you. However, you won't be able to compare the two companies if you don't get quotes from both of them.

Another instance where value is important but sometimes missed when purchasing car insurance is when two companies say that they offer the same service, like towing, but one company's version of that service is better than the other's. If one company offers towing and is willing to tow your car 20 miles, that's good to know. But another company that offers towing may be willing to tow your car 50 miles, or even 100. And you might never know that there was a difference between the two if you didn't get a detailed quote from each company.

Finally, getting a car insurance company quote can help you determine which of the companies you're considering has the best discounts and other offers that might help lower the cost of your car insurance or enhance your experience in working with the company. A detailed quote will not only give you a price, but will let you look over different discounts and offers that a company has and determine which ones might pertain to you or be something you would want. The quote and the process you'll go through to get it will help you make sure you're making the best choices for yourself and your family, because you'll have all the possible options in front of you.

Haggling with Insurance Companies

Once you have all your quotes in hand and have compared any differences in price, value, and other offers, you may know which company you want to purchase auto insurance from. On the other hand, you may find that the company you would most want to work with has a higher price, lower value, or fewer other offers than one of the other companies. While you can simply choose between them, either choosing the name you trust for some extra cost or going with the new company because of their offer, having the quotes also gives you some leverage to haggle and bargain among the companies.

Though haggling between auto insurance companies doesn't always work, having several car insurance company quotes can help you in the process and give you a better chance of success. If you know that one, two, or even several companies offer a better price, value, or more special offers than the one you would like to work with, you can give that company a call. Let them know how much you'd like to work with them and why, and explain the quotes you've received from the other companies. It's up to them as to whether they can work with you or not, but many auto insurance companies want to do all they can to gain and keep customers who are excited about working with them. So your online auto insurance quote may give you more than just numbers and other items to compare. It may help you get the kind of coverage you want from your favorite company for a better price than they would have offered you had you not had the comparative quotes.

Peace of Mind

Whether you choose to haggle over your car insurance or not, getting some car insurance company quotes through this site will help you have peace of mind about whatever insurance you choose. You'll know that you have chosen the best possible price, value, and special discounts or offers that were available, and be able to rest assured that you made the best choice you could. If you ever doubt your choice, you'll be able to look back at the quotes you received and relieve yourself. This kind of peace of mind is worth just a little bit of your time and energy, isn't it?




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