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Car Insurance Customer Service

Car insurance customer service is a large part of what drivers pay for when they sign on for coverage with a provider. Granted, on one level what we are buying as consumers is some specified amount of financial protection against certain named risks. But if this is all car insurance amounted to, it would not be nearly as complex of a decision to try to choose a carrier to work with. If the monetary coverage listed on the policy was everything car insurance included, the choice would always boil down to which provider was the cheapest. But this is not the way it really is. There is more to an auto insurance policy than just price.

Importance of Customer Service

The kind of service we get as customers is hugely important in auto insurance because we need to know that our insurers are really representing us as our advocates when we call upon them. Not all companies were created equal as far as customer service is concerned. When clients pay their auto premiums for the covered policy period, they have an expectation of a certain level of service and care from the insurance company representing them.

When a claim situation comes up, one of the first things an insured driver does is call the insurance company up and get a claim started. Good customer claims service will assure the driver that the situation will be resolved quickly and as painlessly as possible. But poor customer service leaves customers feeling like they are abandoned, left twisting in the wind while their insurers make little or no attempt to help them out. Customer service is very important because without it as customers we have no ready access to the protection we need when these claims come up.

Customer Expectations of Auto Insurance

As auto owners and consumers of car insurance policies, we have certain expectations of what our experience will be like when we work with insurers - and it doesn't necessarily include cheap auto insurance rates. Rather, we hope for the company to provide a shield from direct financial responsibility in the wake of an accident, whether it was our fault or not. We expect the company to respond quickly by sending claims response representatives to the accident scene to get the process started of resolving the claim. And most of us would consider it reasonable to expect fair treatment from our providers in all aspects of our relationship.

Car Insurance Claims Service Representatives

Most companies have some sort of customer service hotlines set up specifically to deal with car accidents and other claims scenarios. These situations are where car insurance providers are supposed to earn their money on all those premium bills. The incoming calls are fielded by customer service specialists whose whole job is to represent the company in a professional manner. These phone calls often determine whether a driver comes out of a claim with a positive impression of the auto insurance company.

In the wake of an auto accident, it is quite customary for drivers to feel frustrated, angry, or otherwise upset. These phone calls can go a long way toward either reinforcing those feelings or soothing them in a meaningful way. If the service representative at the other end of the line does a good job of handling the call and letting the driver know exactly what to expect in the days ahead, normally the driver hangs up the phone with the assurance that at least the insurance company is taking action and things will work out. But if the rep does nothing to calm the driver down and provide assurance that the insurance company is on their side, it only compounds the problem and adds to the troublesome feelings we all go through after these unfortunate accidents.

The representatives who field these calls are drivers and car owners just like the rest of us, so it is reasonable to assume that they understand what we are going through when accidents happen. How they handle the situation as employees of your insurance company can go a long way toward determining the end result of your claim, including how quickly it is resolved and how well you are compensated for your loss. Many drivers who have never had a bit of trouble with their insurers end up looking around for new representation following a single experience with a claims representative.

Shop Around for Better Service

As consumers of car insurance products, we have the right to expect adequate personalized service from our insurers after accidents and any time we interact with them. If you have had a negative experience in this area, it may be a good time to look around and try to find a better fit elsewhere. Get quotes on coverage from local vehicle insurance companies and get better car insurance customer service.


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