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Car Insurance for Ice Cream Trucks

Car insurance for ice cream trucks is probably not the first thing anyone thinks about when they are considering the financial aspects of starting or expanding a mobile catering company. Yet the cost of insuring your vehicle or fleet of vehicles can make you or break you as an owner working on slim profit margins and, in some areas, a limited window to make your money while the weather is good. There are a number of factors going into the determination of the prices you pay for ice cream vehicle insurance. Understanding these factors can help you to counteract the high cost by implementing as many money saving strategies as you can come up with.

The High Cost of Insurance

Ice cream trucks are a welcome sign in any neighborhood, playground or job site during the hot summer months. Being outside in the sun and hearing that unmistakable sound of an ice cream van approaching your house is unlike any other experience for children everywhere. As adults, a few of us take the love of that feeling and turn it into a business, venturing into this specialized niche of the mobile catering industry. Unlike mobile catering trucks that deliver lunches to the same buildings and job sites each day, ice cream trucks have to count a little but more on luck and good weather to make their sales. As an ice cream truck driver, you are equally likely to have an uneventful day as you are to be bombarded by children with fistfuls of dollar bills ready to indulge in that sweet summer pastime.

For this reason, it is extremely important for an ice cream truck driver to always pay attention at all times. The sheer unpredictability of the business means you have to be ready at any time to stop and make a sale. If you miss a group of children, you miss out on profits. What's more, since mobile ice cream sales so often involve selling to children, you have to look out with even more caution. Kids are much more likely to run out into the road and jump right in front of your van even while it is still in motion. There are a number of scenarios that could result in an injury accident. You must take the utmost care to look out for everyone else along with yourself and your truck.

The high risk of accidents involving pedestrians makes liability insurance for ice cream trucks extremely expensive. It is generally advisable to opt for a commercial auto insurance policy as an ice cream truck owner because these plans have better access to higher auto liability limits. These higher limits can protect you from direct financial harm in the even t one of your drivers is involved in any kind of unfortunate accident. But commercial policies do come at a price. The difference in cost may vary and it is irresponsible to make generalizations without specific circumstances to plug in, but it is fairly safe to say that a commercial auto policy is usually more costly than a personal plan. The trade off, as mentioned previously, is the increased liability protection you can get from a commercial policy.

Auto liability insurance is only one part of the liability and indemnity insurance you will have to carry as an owner of an ice cream trucks or a fleet of these vehicles. With this in mind, you need to do everything you can to keep down the cost of this kind of policy so you can maintain as much cash flow as possible for running your business operations. Customers only see the fun side of driving an ice cream truck, but the owner sees the whole picture. It's a business just like any other, with its own set of concerns and challenges.

Discounts on Commercial Auto Policies

One way you do have to save money on your commercial auto policy as an ice cream van owner is to look for discounts on your plan. There are several discounts that you might qualify for. Each of these discounts can potentially make your coverage a lot more affordable. Many commercial auto insurance carriers offer new customer discounts to attract new clients. If you are considering commercial coverage for the first time, this can be a great opportunity to save money on your plan. Take a look at this option and find out if you can get a hold of a new customer discount for your commercial ice cream truck insurance policy. Any savings you can come up with can help.

Another discount option is a multi vehicle discount. Though they are not universally available necessarily, multi vehicle discounts on commercial ice cream truck auto insurance policies can net you fabulous savings to make the premium you have to pay much more palatable. In some cases, there are specific requirements of carrying policies on three or more vehicles to qualify for a multi policy discount. In others, you might only have to insure two vehicles. These discounts can be very large in some cases, so it might be worthwhile to include your own personal vehicle in your policy. The title ownership of a car does not preclude it from commercial insurance coverage. In fact, if you use your car for business purposes, you probably should have a commercial policy anyway. Insuring it alongside your fleet of vans could save you enough money with the multi policy discount to make it essentially the same price you were previously paying for personal coverage while giving you better liability protection at the same time.

Online Savings on Fleet Insurance

Ice cream truck fleet owners are just one group among many who can save big on auto insurance by searching for their policies online. The online market has developed into a place where drivers in specific and unusual situations can find tremendous opportunities for savings. That's because many specialists make their living selling online. They might not be as large as some generalists, but they nevertheless can often offer more competitive prices to consumers in a lot of cases. In your circumstance as an owner of a particular type of commercial fleet with added indemnity concerns, your best bet might be to go with an online specialist. Take the time to review all of your options and do not limit yourself in your search for suitable coverage for your ice cream van fleet. There is a great chance that you could find a bargain on a policy that combines this great savings you are looking for with the comprehensive liability protection you need for your drivers.

Commercial plans have many advantages over personal policies, such as the increased ability to insure non related employees and the ease with which you can increase liability limits and add special coverage for permanently attached additions to the vehicle such as a freezer. Stop to think about your needs for insurance in light not only of your budget but also of how you might be able or unable to respond if a claim was denied after an accident or other situation. Make sure you are covered with car insurance for ice cream trucks.


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