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Car Insurance for Young Drivers

The price of car insurance for young drivers is surely one of the scariest things for a parent, even after the young drivers actually learns to drive. There's always rumor floating around about insurance companies quadrupling the rates of car insurance for young drivers and teens after a single ticket, or dropping their young drivers car insurance altogether after a simple fender bender. Rest assured, most of these stories about car insurance for young drivers are merely stories, but it is well known that car insurance for young drivers is a lot more expensive than it is for those that are more experienced. This is because statistics show that teen drivers are more dangerous behind the wheel, not because they tend to speed or exhibit any other driving habit, but because they simply lack experience. Most people who have been driving for a few years will act instinctively to avoid an accident, and many even develop a feel for a dangerous situation and are able to avoid accidents that send their car insurance for young drivers skyrocketing altogether. The simple fact is, when a dangerous situation presents itself, the outcome is far more likely to be expensive for the company if the drivers are young drivers or inexperienced. This is the main reason they charge more for car insurance for young drivers. However, regardless of all this, once they are gone through their driver's education and received theier license, they are ready to get behind the wheel! This means it's time to look at car insurance for young drivers and a likely increase in what the parents are paying. Once the young drivers are added to the insurance policy, the car insurance estimate will most definitely increase, but probably not as much as you think they will. Actually, you can view this as a great opportunity to shop any other vehicles and young drivers around and maybe even end up with a comparable or lower rate with the car insurance for young added to the policy.

The first thing to take into consideration when looking for car insurance for young drivers is that the prices are going to seem pretty steep from the start. This could cause you to dismiss some young drivers car insurance quotes that would have been lower than whatever it is you ultimately settle on, so be sure to document all quotes without bias. If you have good credit and a fairly uneventful driving history, the increase may be particularly shocking when it comes to car insurance for young drivers. This good history will help your young drivers, however, and no matter how you look at it, you're going to end up paying more than you want to pay for your car insurance for young drivers. By just adding your young drivers to a one car policy, the rate could very easily double or triple. The fact that your teenagers are young drivers may help to some degree, as some insurance companies see them as less of a risk than young men, but the rates will still be high compared to no teenager at all.

Nowadays, there are various methods of gathering quotes for your young drivers car insurance, and all of the largest companies offer car insurance for young drivers. You could first try agents at brick and mortar establishments, but this may not end up saving you money on your policy and will definitely cost at least some money in gas as well as time. Also, an agent generally will not be able to do much more than give you the exact same quote that would have been provided online. Some companies even charge a fee for having used an agent. Online, however, some insurers offer courses for young drivers that improve their driving skills and come with a discounted rate.

Many places online specialized in gathering information about what you need insured and matching you with the best possible quote from the cheapest car insurance provider. These are a great place to start your search because they can at least give you an idea of which companies are going to be most likely to give you a good rate on car insurance for young drivers as well as yourself and anyone else. Prices will often be deeply discounted to net you as a customer because the coverage providers know that if you are using that website, you are shopping around, and they're not going to get you if they don't give you a good price. Even if you find a good deal on a comparison website, it's never a bad idea to compare it to a direct quote straight from that same provider. If you use Firefox or any other browser that supports add-ons, a form filler can help speed this process dramatically.

If you or anyone else in the family owns a more expensive vehicle, it may end up cheaper for you to just purchase the young drivers own car and get a separate policy. The companies like this because it means they don't have to cover the car insurance for young drivers if they drive the more expensive vehicles, so you will most assuredly see lower rates even after combining the two policies. A decent used car can generally be had for as little as $1500, and on top of saving money will make everyone happy as the young drivers will have their own vehicle to come and go as they pleases. Be sure to compare this to policies with all vehicles and drivers as some companies give enough of a discount for multiple vehicles and drivers that it would make more sense to all be on the same policy. Also, some companies have ways of taking into consideration that the teen will only drive their own vehicle, which could sometimes make getting a separate policy pointless. Many parents opt to keep their policy with all its perks and low deductibles, then purchase a cut rate, liability only policy from a completely different company with the thinking that even if the car is completely destroyed, its low value does not justify paying extra for full coverage.

No matter what route you go to compare insurance prices, keep in mind that different companies often do things completely opposite of one another. This is no different when it comes to car insurance for young drivers. No amount of logic or deductive reasoning will help you here. Rely on nothing but hard numbers straight from the quotes, and be sure to compare apples to apples as much as possible when comparing quotes.


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