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Car Insurance Multiple Quotes

When it comes down to car insurance, multiple quotes seem like a nightmare process dreaded by many. However, with a few clicks of a mouse, you can deal with the process quickly and also save a lot of money.

You really need to get multiple quotes in order to get the best price. Thanks to the Internet, it really is a quick, painless process. But before you get started getting your car insurance quote, there are a few bits of information you need to have ready. In terms of vehicle information, you need the year it was built as well as its make and model.

Driver information you will need includes the age and gender of each driver. Marital status, education level, profession, driving record and credit rating are important to know as well.

By the way, be honest in your answers. If you knowingly give false information, your insurance policy can be cancelled, any future coverage will cost more and you may be charged with insurance fraud, a felony punishable with prison time and hefty fines. (If you find you've made a mistake in relaying the information, don't worry. Just report the error to the insurance provider. They will correct the error. Your rates may go up slightly to reflect the new information, but you are unlikely to be punished for admitting a mistake.)

When you provide the information, make sure it is the same for each car insurance quote so you can make a true apples-to-apples comparison. For example, the levels for deductibles, comprehensive, collision and liability coverage should be the same across the board.

Do the Figures Make Sense on My Quote?

Once you have researched car insurance, multiple insurance quotes will help you make the right choice. Compare the results. Are they all within the same ballpark? Or, is there one that is wildly higher or lower than the others? If so, can you find out why?  You may need to contact an agent for that company to find out specific details.

On the other hand, the difference could be the result of something as simple as a typographical error. You may have entered that you drive 2,000 per year when you actually meant 20,000. Missing one zero could make a huge difference in your auto insurance quote.

Questions to Ask About Multiple Car Insurance Quotes

By comparing your multiple insurance quotes, you should be able to narrow down your choices to a few contenders. Contact an agent for each of these contenders to find out some more information.

Some of the things you will want to ask the agent:

How long have you been in the car insurance industry? Multiple quotes should reveal who has experience and who doesn't, but it doesn't hurt to ask. An agent who has worked in the field for several years is a lot better than one who's only been on duty a few months. On the other hand, the newer agent may have more modern insight into the insurance process and know about some newer products.

How much training or education have you had? In some states, insurance agents need surprisingly little education. You want an agent who knows what he or she is doing, especially when it is time to file a claim.

What is the claims process? Can I file by phone or online? What happens once the claim is filed? How soon will I learn the result and how soon will I get my money? It is best to be clear about this information before you even purchase auto insurance, so you won't be completely bewildered if and when you must file a claim.

Under what conditions might a claim be denied? It is best to have that information up front.

What discounts are available? Is there a multiple vehicle discount? If so, what are the details?  For example, if one car is being financed, do I have to provide full coverage for it until it is paid off? Depending on the year, make and model of the cars, you may be able to save more than 25 percent of your premiums by qualifying for a multiple vehicle discount.

Insurance companies vary as to other discounts they may offer. Some companies are just starting to offer them for hybrid vehicles. Others offer discounts for good students or to drivers who have taken a defensive driving class.  Be sure to ask each agent what discounts are available. Also be sure to consider the future. For example, if you have a student who will soon be leaving for college, ask about discounts for putting his car in storage during the school year.

Before you sign on the dotted line for new insurance coverage, protect yourself by checking with your state insurance bureau and the local Better Business Bureau to find out if there have been any complaints filed against an insurance provider. Also check with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners for complaints it has received. It is also good to check with A.M. Best Company and Standard & Poor's Insurance Rating Service. These companies can provide data as to an insurance company's financial stability. This will ensure that your insurance company will be around when you need it.

If you've found a seemingly favorable rate from a different company than the one who's been covering your vehicles, ask your current insurer about loyalty discounts. Most insurers operate by the adage, "It's easier to keep a current customer than to find a new one." Be sure your car insurance quote includes a loyalty discount.

Other Uses for Multiple Auto Insurance Quotes

In addition to comparing car insurance, multiple quotes can be very helpful in helping you buy a new or used car. While everyone drools at the thought of owning a Jag, the cold light of reality turns on when comparing its insurance rate to that of a Focus.

In the world of car insurance, multiple quotes are also useful when determining insurance budget. You can easily use our site to experiment with coverage and deductibles. You can find out how comprehensive and collision coverage affects the bottom line. For example, by dropping collision coverage for an older car (for which your insurance payment would be quite low), you can save the money you would have paid in higher premium and put it toward a new vehicle.

Another way to use multiple insurance quotes is to help you determine where to live and work. If you have two job offers that are very similar, compare the car insurance quotes for your current vehicle. You may find that car insurance in one city is much more or less expensive than the other.

The same holds true for housing. Insurance can vary among different ZIP codes in the same area, so compare them before you sign the lease, rental or purchase agreement.  Remember that mileage also is a major factor in car insurance quotes. A job that is further from your home may boost your premiums.

Multiple insurance quotes are also useful for comparing company quality. While you may grin at the nationally known company's funny ads, does it really provide better rates? That smaller company may boast of great personalized service, but is it really affordable? With online multiple insurance quotes, you can find out instantly.

Be sure to also use multiple insurance quotes periodically to ensure you are still getting a great rate. Insurance is a very competitive industry and new discounts and programs are constantly being offered. It pays to keep on top of the game.

We know you have other things to do with your life than think about car insurance. Multiple quotes are very useful tools that will help you make many important life decisions. While your life should not revolve around a car insurance quote, it can help clarify matters for you and your family




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