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Car Insurance No Claims Bonus

A car insurance no claims bonus can save you a great deal of money off of the price you pay for coverage. Auto insurance is quite an investment, so it is critical for policy holders to capitalize on every opportunity for savings that they come across. There are many different such opportunities, but one of the easiest ones to take advantage of is a no claims bonus. Unlike a lot of other rebates, this one is largely in your control. If your driving record and claims history stack up to the provisions of the rebate, you get to add it to the terms of your auto insurance policy and save money automatically. Driving safely has its own rewards, but in car insurance it also brings great financial windfalls for safe drivers.

Avoiding Claims Saves Money

It seems obvious enough that avoiding car accidents and other claims will save you money as a driver and an auto owner. But it is interesting nonetheless to take a closer look at the ways you can save money on the cost of auto ownership just by driving safely and avoiding claims. First of all, driving safely helps you to avoid getting involved with law enforcement officials. If you can drive without ever getting ticketed, you are ahead of most drivers. The cost of a ticket is never an expense we tend to be prepared to deal with. It seems like these situations always catch us off guard.

In fact, cases where you get pulled over and eventually ticketed often occur precisely because you least expect them. For whatever reason, at times we lose our focus as drivers. Maybe you are under a lot of pressure at work and you are too focused on that to do a good job manning your vehicle. You might blow through a stop sign or run a red, or drive right by a speed trap while going way over the speed limit. Just losing your focus like this can get you into trouble with the police. Whatever troubles or stresses you are dealing with in your life, you cannot allow them to affect you when you drive. Not only will they end up costing you money in the form of tickets and resulting increased insurance rates, but they could also end up getting you or someone else injured in an accident.

Avoiding claims saves you money while it also saves you from injury or damage to your automobile. Whatever it takes to keep your head where it needs to be while you are driving, do what you need to do to keep your focus. For some of us, just one big speeding ticket is enough to renew our focus. Having to deal with the expense of paying for the citation and possibly also having to appear in court and deal with those costs and lost wages can really make you rethink the way you drive and your methods of operating an automobile.

Zero Claims Cuts Premiums

Whether or not you have been burned in the past by your own driving behavior, surely you can appreciate the logic of taking your time behind the wheel and keeping your focus for the sake of saving money. Even if that is the lone reason you opt to drive defensively and obey the rules of the road, it is reason enough to motivate you to get the job done. The extra benefit of safety and avoidance of inconvenient and damaging accident situations can just be a bonus for you.

Safety is in the back of most of our minds when we drive and even when we just go about our day to day lives. But sometimes it gets pushed to the very back of our minds when we get in a hurry, or when we are stressed out, or when the kids are screaming and we can barely concentrate on staying on the road, much less drive safely and within the speed limit. If safety is hard to keep in the front of your mind, surely economics is not. This is an area of concern that never leaves most of our minds.

These days, most everybody is barely scraping by. In our current economic state, many of us have lost our jobs or been forced to take substantial pay cuts and surrender benefits just to keep working. The very cause of concern that gets so many of us to behave so erratically when we get behind the wheel of our cars can be the very thing that draws us back to safe driving habits in the end. Make a choice to drive safely and courteously as an economic decision. A no claims bonus on your auto insurance policy would sure look good right about now, to be sure.

Ask for Safe Driving Discounts

If you are trying to find every way you can to save money on your expenses, and have zeroed in on car insurance as an area you would like to save on, change your driving habits and force auto insurers to take note. Avoid accidents as far as possible by not only driving safely, but also looking out for the actions of other drivers who may not be making safe choices themselves. If you are already a safe driver and you have not filed a claim in recent years, do not be afraid to ask for a no claims bonus or other safety related rebate on your policy.

No claims bonuses are a great way to easily save money on your premium, but they are not the only safety related discounts you can get on your auto plan. There are also a number of discount opportunities available for drivers who choose safe cars to drive. For example, if your car is equipped with certain factory installed safety features like ABS brakes, airbags and passive restraint systems, you can qualify for safe car discounts. On top of that, certain vehicles that perform well in crash tests and associated safety research usually cost less to insure because claims costs coming out of accidents involving those cars are usually lower on average than they are for other vehicles.

If drivers are serious about driving safety, they should not stop with just changing their own driving behavior. Becoming a safer driver and taking seriously the rules of the road and their responsibilities as a driver are very important. But drivers can do much more by also choosing to drive a safer car. There is virtually unlimited research and data available to the public regarding which cars are the safest to own and to drive. You can enlist the help of your auto insurance provider if you want to really dig in and find out more.

When you take the time to really consider safety in the context of decisions you make about driving and auto ownership, you can not only save money over the long haul, but also promote safety for yourself and those around you on the road. Working toward earning a car insurance no claims bonus is only the first step of a lifestyle change focused on safety and security as a driver on roads and highways.


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