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Car Insurance Policy Declarations Page

The declarations page is the first page of an auto insurance policy, serving as a summary or overview of what is included in the policy. It contains a great deal of basic information on the policy. Some examples of things that are included in the declarations page are the name of the car insurance company administering the policy, the policy number, information on the specific coverage included in the policy, the monetary cost of that coverage broken down by type, any extra riders or endorsements such as car insurance death benefits included in the policy, and your elected deductibles. In addition to all of this information on the coverage itself, the declarations page also lists out the vehicles that are covered in the policy as well as their VIN numbers.

Importance of Policy Declarations Page

The auto insurance policy declarations page serves some important functions for policy holders. It creates one central location for all of the important tenets of coverage, putting them in a convenient place for easy review. This front page of the policy can also be had as a standalone document, primarily for the purpose of verification. It is extremely important for policy holders to take a close look at their declarations page at their earliest convenience. It gives them the chance to double check all of the details of their coverage to make sure everything is accurate. For example, the vehicle identification numbers of the cars being covered should be referenced and checked against your records. And the details of coverage from limits to deductibles should be checked off before the policy period begins if at all possible.

To help promote this process and to encourage organization and accuracy, insurers may send the declarations page with the various billing materials they mail to insured policy holders when renewal time approaches. This is, of course, in addition to sending out a copy of the complete policy. It is important for auto owners to review their declarations page as soon as it arrives. It's critical to take the time to do this to make sure all of the information listed is correct and that the coverage included is the same as what was originally quoted. Believe it or not, it is more common than you might think for agents to inadvertently or otherwise enroll their clients in less substantial coverage than what they had originally applied for. Regardless of what you asked for or applied for or thought you were getting, whatever is listed on the declarations page is what you are going to get. It's therefore important to make it a point to double check everything listed on the car insurance policy declarations page to ensure its accuracy before the enrollment period begins.

Declarations Page and Policy Renewal

The declarations page of an auto insurance plan becomes even more important at renewal time. When a driver enrolls in coverage with an insurer for the first time, the company invariably sends a full workup of the entire policy. But often, when a renewal policy is sent, only the declarations page will be mailed to the customer if coverage amounts or other important details have not changed from the previous policy period. Any time this happens, the consumer is completely within their rights to ask for the complete policy. If you want it, you can ask for it and your insurer will surely send it to you. But you could always use the old policy workup as a reference if nothing has really changed in the intervening time.

A declarations page is somewhat similar to a proof of mandatory car insurance that we are required to carry with us at all times as drivers. However, it is more detailed than a simple proof of insurance. Both are very important for the purposes they serve. The proof of insurance provides quick and convenient evidence to show to officers of the law that you are insured and gives basic contact information for the insurance company. And the declarations page is like a concise summary of the entire policy for your benefit, giving you the highlights of the coverage you are getting for your insurance premium all in one easy to read format.

It is a good idea to keep insurance policy documents along with title certificates and other legal papers in a safe deposit box at a bank or other secure location so they cannot be stolen or otherwise compromised. Many people do this exact thing with their auto policies, but make a copy of the car insurance declarations page for easy access should they happen to need it. When you understand exactly what the purpose of this document is and the information it contains, you are better prepared to know what to do with it, inspecting it for accuracy and then filing it away securely.


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