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Car Insurance Rates

Car insurance rates can vary drastically from person to person. The rates may vary based on your age, location, type of vehicle you drive, and your driving history. There are some factors you cannot change, and there are some that you can control, such as your credit history, driving record, and the car you drive to work every day.

How to Get Good Car Insurance Rates

Maintaining a good driving record is crucial for obtaining low car insurance rates on any policy, including battery powered car insurance or 3 month car insurance. Watch your speed limit and follow your state road laws. If you do get into an accident, take a driver's class to avoid extra points and higher rates on your car insurance. After a few years of a clean driving record, you might be able to get lower premiums from companies on this website.

Another way you can get low car insurance rates is by keeping your car safe and away from thieves. Park it inside a garage every night and install an anti-theft device inside to deter criminals. The alarm systems are cheaper and more advanced than the systems of ten years ago. When you speak with an agent, ask them what types of anti-theft devices, if any, will give you low auto insurance rates.

Students and senior seniors might be eligible for low car insurance rates. Students who have good grades can usually get good automobile insurance rates to reward high grades. When you are comparing rates online, find out if you can get a discount based on your age. Teens that are short on cash might be interested to know that getting good grades can save them money on their car policy. Usually, the company simply requires the student to fax or mail a copy of their most recent report card for verification. For all ages: if you are a member of a particular club or group, you might be able to get low vehicle insurance rates for it, so mention your affiliations to the agent.

Improve Your Rates

Maybe your driving history isn't perfect. However, that isn't a reason to avoid getting new vehicle insurance quotes. Inquire as to whether you can take a safe driver course to lower your rates. Some classes in your area might be offered through the company. There is also the option of taking an online driver's course. If you are low on cash, maybe you should consider taking public transportation, walking, biking or carpooling to safe on gas money and premium payments. If you drive fewer miles during the year, you can get a lower car premium rate. Fewer time spent in your car equals less risk for the company.

Few people know this, but it might be possible to pay your car premium all at once instead of monthly. Those who pay a lump sum could get a discount on the total amount. Some companies give their customers the choice of making two or more payments instead of monthly payments, thereby saving them money overall.

For those with poor or mediocre credit scores, you can still get good rates. Improving credit involves paying down debts, removing inaccuracies on your report, and paying your bills on time every month. A credit report shows all of your open and revolving accounts and credit limits. It also shows your bill paying history and if you paid any bills late, which will drag down your credit score. If possible, pay some of your credit cards down to lower your debt-to-income ratio.

Buy Green Vehicles

Buying a new vehicle is fun, but did you know that the type of automobile you drive can affect your car premium? Before you go car shopping, get some free car insurance quotes on the brand of automobile you want to buy. This will help you make a decision when you see the numbers. Maybe you need to hold off on buying that new Mercedes and get a Toyota instead. Buying a "green" vehicle can also help you get a low car premium. Hybrid vehicles are not as damaging to the environment as regular gas guzzlers. Companies will reward this type of purchase with a nice discount. Plus, you could get rebates from the government during tax season. Auto dealerships also offer incentives for purchasing an environmentally-friendly hybrid vehicle.

Tips to Remember

When you are ready to start entering in your information to compare car insurance, be sure to enter everything correctly. If you do not confess any past driving incidents, your quote may be off until the agent verifies everything. Double-check your VIN, because if you give them an inaccurate number, your auto insurance quotes will be off. Write down your requirements for a vehicle insurance policy to get the best car insurance rates, and compare the various discount programs to find a great policy.


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