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Easy Savings on Car Insurance

Car insurance is a fact of life for the vast majority of drivers nationwide. We all bite the bullet and pay the premium year after year. From time to time, many drivers stop to think about that they would do if they could save some big money on their policies. But most of us let these thoughts pass us by. If there were some things you could do to stay on top of your premiums, surely you'd get right on them and get it done, right?

Well, there are some ways to find easy savings on car insurance. The more you know about what goes into a policy and the ways you can work as a consumer to cut back your expenses, the more you enable yourself to come up with a policy that's a lot more palatable when the premium comes due. Think about some of these items and consider how many of them you've really explored in your pursuit of affordable coverage through the years.

Simple Ways to Save Money

To begin with, it is instructive to list off several ways you could already be saving money if you only knew it. The first and foremost way is through improving your credit score. Many people have some sort of vague idea that the things on their credit report have a bearing on the prices they pay for auto insurance, but quite a few do not really understand the extent to which credit plays a role. Every major insurance provider in the country uses credit based insurance scoring to assign a score to each and every driver. These scores are used in a significant way to influence the rates we pay for our insurance protection. To save money on insurance, clean up your credit. Pay down your debts. Get accounts out of collections. Work with a credit counselor to build up your score and you may see significant savings on your insurance renewal.

Cut Unnecessary Costs from Policy

Next, think about the protection you don't need. Duplicative coverage like medical protection that may not be needed and collision insurance on an old beater are just a few examples of the things to look for. Think in terms of value versus expense. If you cannot justify the added expense of a particular questionable area of coverage based on the value (or lack of value) it provides, it is time to drop that coverage. The money you save can be put away for out of pocket expenses or saved up for a new car.


Get Discounts to Save More


One of the biggest areas of potential savings that many of us overlook as policy holders is in discounts for our auto policies. The rule of thumb here is this: do not ever assume that your auto insurance company is automatically going to offer you every discount you qualify for in order to save you as much money as they can. First of all, they may not even know you qualify for certain discounts unless you point it out to them. And second, not every company is that up front about their discount savings program. Some are perfectly content waiting for their policy holders to bring it up, at which point they will usually play along and let them know what they have available. The moral of the story is that you can't be content letting your insurance provider dictate the limits of your savings. Be more aggressive and you may be rewarded with lower rates. Look for discounts and save big on your auto insurance policies.

These discounts can include loyalty and no claims discounts to reward drivers who have stayed with a company for many years and who have been accident free for a significant period of time. Sometimes also called a good driver or safe driver discount, the no claims discount can save you a lot of money off of your premiums. Ask for it when you talk to your insurance company as renewal time approaches if you feel that you have it coming and it hasn't been offered to you.

Age based discounts are also available. Young drivers can get good student discounts for keeping their grades up, which helps to defray the expensive costs they bear as a high risk demographic among the driving population. Older drivers can similarly save on their rates with senior discounts available after the age of 55 in most cases. And low miles drivers who keep the miles off their cars can get discounts from some companies for their limited vehicle use as well. Drivers should not hesitate to ask for discounts when they speak to their insurance companies about their policies. If your company won't give you these easy savings, some other car insurance company will.


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