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Car Insurance Without a Car

Many drivers mistakenly believe that because they do not own a vehicle, they do not have any need for car insurance protection. The truth is that anyone who wishes to drive must be covered by some sort of auto insurance. College students who do not own a car as they live on campus need insurance, for example, for when they come home for the summer. In many cases this group is covered on their parents' insurance plans as secondary drivers. But what about the group of adult drivers who live on their own and do not own a vehicle?

Every Driver Must Be Insured

Regardless of whether you own a vehicle or not, you must be covered on an auto insurance policy meeting the requirements of the state in which you are living in order to drive legally. The car you borrow, rent or otherwise drive may itself be covered with proper auto insurance, but as a driver you must also be covered in order to legally take the wheel. If you were to get involved in a car accident for which you were liable, you would have no protection from that financial liability without insurance. The liability policy carried by the owner of the vehicle would be of no use to you. So the need for protection goes beyond just following the letter of the law. It also involves the importance of protecting yourself from potentially serious financial troubles in the wake of any such accident.

If you do not own a car and you never drive at all, you have no need for auto insurance. However, if there are times when you need to drive for different reasons, you need to be insured. Find out about your state's requirements for auto liability insurance, and ways you can meet those requirements as a non owner. You might also talk to insurance providers about increasing your coverage beyond the minimum limits to give yourself extra protection in the event of an accident. These policies for drivers who do not own a car are usually very inexpensive, so it may be a good investment to beef up your limits of protection to give yourself more protection. Find out about the additional cost of increasing your limits of liability insurance and decide if it the choice for you.

Frequently Driving Non Owned Vehicles

There are many circumstances under which you might need to get auto insurance in spite of not owning a vehicle. One example may be the college student previously mentioned. Depending on your status as dependent or non-dependent of your parents, you may or may not be able to remain under their auto insurance policy while you are a student away at school. If you can be covered this way, it is probably best to take advantage, so you are free to drive any of your family's vehicles any time you are in town. But if you are excluded from your parents' policy for any reason, you need to get insured even if you only drive occasionally.

Urban dwellers who rely primarily on public transportation also may have a need for auto insurance. If you borrow a friend's car to go on a date or move into a new apartment, for example, you need at least basic liability protection to go to work for you should an accident occur. If you drive family vehicles when you are in town visiting relatives, or rent cars to make these visits, you need insurance. Rental car companies do sell rental car insurance, but if you rent frequently, you can probably save money by having your own non owners auto policy and foregoing this option.

Business travelers also should think about this option for the same reason. If you travel on business and require the use of rental cars while you are in town, you also have a strong need for auto insurance beyond what might be covered by your existing policy if you do own vehicles back home. Your current auto policy can include a provision for non owned vehicles if you should choose to add this endorsement. Doing so can make a lot of sense if you are a frequent traveler and rely on rented or borrowed cars more than just once in a while. Getting car insurance without a car is not only legally a smart move, but also one that can work out in your favor economically.

Non Owner Auto Protection

And non owner auto protection offers significant advantages adding to its value. For example, as a policy holder you are protected no matter what vehicle you drive. It is not limited to a single vehicle like most modes of car insurance. What a lot of drivers do not realize is that it is also not limited to only liability protection. You can also add additional elements to add value and protection to your policy. Again, since you are not actually covering a car, these additional elements can often be added at a reasonable cost.

For example, you can add medical payments coverage to ensure that you have adequate insurance protection against the risk of expensive medical care in the aftermath of an accident in a rented or borrowed vehicle. This type of protection is sometimes overlooked by drivers, but it can be very important and valuable, and is well worth adding if you can afford the additional cost.

Uninsured and underinsured motorist protection can also be added to a non owner auto policy in many cases. Uninsured and underinsured motorist insurance protect you as a driver in situations where you get involved in an accident and the at-fault driver does not carry sufficient insurance protection to covert the costs associated with the accident.

These types of policies usually do not include provisions for collision or comprehensive insurance, since they are not really policies protecting any one car so much as they are protecting you as a driver. For the same reason, towing protection is rarely an option for a non owner insurance policy. As always, if you are interested or even curious about getting some car insurance coverage without being a car owner, you need to contact individual insurance providers and ask them about specifics of such policies as well as exclusions.

Whether you are an auto owner who also frequently rents vehicles for business or pleasure, or are someone who doesn't own a car at all but who does drive from time to time, you need to get proper insurance protection to work on your behalf in every possible situation. Remember that if you borrow a car from a friend or family member, you are not specifically covered if anything should happen, and any liability insurance included in that vehicle's policy will not protect you personally.

Getting car insurance as a non car owner may seem like a backwards proposition, but it really is quite the opposite. For a relatively negligible cost, you can protect yourself from liability issues and even add protection for medical expenses. Buying car insurance without a car is a smart move to make sure you are covered from all angles, and helps a lot of drivers save money.



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