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Car Insurance for Women Drivers

Through the years, the relationship between women and automobiles has constantly shifted. At one time, most women did not know how to drive unless they had to. In those days, women generally did not learn how to drive in their teens, often waiting until they were in their thirties or even forties, if they ever learned at all. Over time, higher percentages of women learned to drive at younger ages; and today, teenage girls are just as likely to take driver's education courses and get their driver's licenses as are boys. Car insurance for women drivers has become a steadily more significant need as the years have passed and driving has become standard practice for women coming into their adulthood.

Like young male drivers, teen female drivers pay a youth surcharge for their auto insurance coverage, usually until they are 25 years old. However, this surcharge is not as high for females as it is for males, because young women drivers are less likely to be involved in car accidents than young males. They are also less likely to get caught speeding or be involved in other situations resulting in insurance claims or rate adjustments.

Young Women Pay Less for Same Coverage in Same Car

In comparison to their male counterparts, young women drivers will, on average, pay less for their auto insurance premiums. The same coverage on the same car will cost a young woman less on average that it will a young man of the same age. The reasons for this are simple, and are all tied to statistics. Women are statistically safer drivers than men, and this discrepancy is no more apparent in any age group than it is in young drivers under the age of 25.

As a whole, the female gender is also statistically associated with safer driving than is the male gender, although this can at least be partially explained by the fact that men drive more miles on average than women, and thus have more opportunities to get into car accidents or get pulled over for speeding or other infractions. Women are statistically safer drivers than men because they are less likely to get into car accidents on average, and the accidents they do get in tend to be less severe than the ones men are involved in. Again, all of this is based on average statistical information, and every driver is different. There is no way to predict how safe or unsafe a driver may be simply based on their gender (or their age, for that matter).

Experts who have studied the driving performance of men and women have identified a few basic differences in their driving habits which they believe account for the disparity in tendencies toward accidents between the genders. Men, they say, tend to get into more accidents and other forms of driving trouble because they are, on average, more aggressive drivers who tend to speed more than women. Women, on the other hand, tend to drive with more restraint, more consciously staying within the rules of the road, keeping safer following distances behind other cars, and generally displaying safer driving tendencies than those of men. Women tend to drive more slowly than men, for example.

Why the Gender Rate Differential May Narrow

While women do enjoy somewhat lower average car insurance policy premium rates than their male counterparts, this is a differential which may be closing over time. One reason for this possibility is the simple fact that women are driving more all the time. One of the reasons men have statistically higher accident rates, as noted above, is the fact that they drive more miles, putting them in more situations on average which could end up involving them in car accidents.

Another reason the rate differential may not stay where it is has to do with the ways women driving, and the places they are driving to. Women are entering the work force at historically high rates, and in the current state of things economically, more men are out of work and off the roads. With more women in the work force, they are driving more miles filled with the stresses associated with work-related driving-from trying to navigate their way through traffic to get to work on time to talking to their bosses on cell phones while fighting afternoon rush hour on their way home. The increased prevalence of women doing this kind of driving has somewhat changed the way they drive, and has led to rates of road rage and other aggressive driving habits more closely associated with men creeping their way into women's driving repertoires. Simply driving more miles at all gives women more opportunity to get into accidents, and the characteristics of the particular driving experiences they are having only add to these opportunities.

A third reason for a possible closing of the gap in the average rates for car insurance between men and women is governmental intervention. Interestingly enough, certain government officials and legislators on both the state and federal level have taken to questioning existing auto insurance industry pricing procedures as being possibly discriminatory. While industry leaders point out that their standards are all based upon solid statistical evidence and not pure conjecture, these political figures feel that men in these cases are the victims of gender discrimination. Demands for changes in pricing standards for this and other reasons have met with mixed results. Insurers astutely point out that in the absence of the kind of direct individual access they would have to have to intimate knowledge of the behavior of specific drivers to make more specialized rate adjustments, all they have is the indirect data which says that certain segments of the population are more likely to get involved into accidents or get speeding tickets.

Search for Affordable Car Insurance for Women

With all this being said, it is clear that although women do have a slight statistical advantage over men with respect to the rates they pay for auto insurance (especially in their younger years), no two situations are exactly alike, and women of any age need to be disciplined and well-informed of the complexities of the market in order to be assured of getting a fair deal on their auto policies. The online car insurance market can be a great place to find an excellent deal on coverage for women as men, but it can also be a tricky market to skillfully navigate. Use all the tools at your disposal to give yourself the best opportunity to find a great deal.

As the historical driving habits and tendencies of women continue to develop and to change over time, so do their particular needs for car insurance coverage. From teenage girls to housewives who only drive short distances to professional women balancing careers with the challenges of family life back home, every woman's situation is different, and each has different car insurance needs. The most progressive-thinking and adaptive car insurance companies are the ones who can meet those needs even as they evolve through the course of a woman's life, and her driving habits change along with the routines of her every day existence.



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