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Car Manufacturer to Customer Incentives

Car manufacturer to customer incentives make it easier for buyers to afford the cost of a new car, and actually motivate more drivers to go ahead and make this choice rather than buying used from a dealership or private party. These are one of main types of incentives that manufacturers offer, the other being dealer incentives. But these are the ones that as buyers we get directly in our hands, making the prospect of a purchase that much more attractive for most of us.

Buying Vehicles from Dealerships

For many people, the thought of having to choose the right car from a dealership is a scary one because of all that is involved. From the creeping feeling that the salesperson might be trying to take you for a ride to the uneasiness over financing, we've all had experiences from time to time that give us pause when it comes to this particular purchase activity. But buying a car does not have to be a negative experience at all, particularly when it is a new car back by a manufacturer warranty.

Manufacturer incentives to customers can be very confusing, like auto insurance estimates especially when there are multiple choices to pick through as there often are. But if you take just a little time to check them out in a little more detail, it is easy to break through this confusion and understand things a lot better. Get rid of all of the confusion and take a good look at manufacturer incentives for customers.

Customer Incentives from Automakers

Cash rebates are the most common and the simplest to understand of all incentives that manufacturers offer for their customers. The promise of cash back tends to get people to flock to the showrooms, especially at the close of model year when these incentives are usually the biggest and the need the greatest to get rid of stock on hand to make room for incoming inventory. In many cases buyers are even able to use cash back as their down payment in order to make the purchase, saving them from any real cost out of pocket while also reducing the amount financed and interest paid all at the same time.

Customer Loyalty and other Rebates

Sometimes these rebates are only available to returning buyers that already own that same brand vehicle, in an effort to promote repeat sales. These are essentially the same as other rebate programs but framed in such a way as to limit eligibility. Sometimes, of course, other tactics are used, going in a different direction, encouraging, first time buyers, students, military personnel, and other groups to come in and make a purchase. Extended warranties or routine maintenance such as free oil changes might also be included.

Low Interest Auto Loans

For drivers with great credit, low interest and sometimes even zero interest loans are available as incentives to get them in the door. These incentives are worth it to the lenders because they see these buyers as an excellent credit risk and very likely to repay their obligations on time and keep paying until they are free and clear. In some cases these loans are limited to short terms like 36 months and under, but there are times when manufacturers really want to push sales and they extend them longer.

Car manufacturer to customer incentives are a great way to save big money on new cars. The times of the year when these rebates roll out is usually the best time to buy a new car. Find great deals on your car and get cheap car insurance by shopping around online using our free quote form.


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