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Carmelo Anthony Chicago Bulls Trade Rumors

Even with other stories such as the Boulder fire nearing containment, there are plenty of sports headlines in the news.  According to rampant speculation throughout most of the summer, the Chicago Bulls are interested in acquiring Denver Nuggets star forward Carmelo Anthony. In recent days the two teams have begun discussing possible trade scenarios that could bring the former Syracuse star into the Windy City. The main sticking point of the discussions appears to be the inclusion of Chicago's Joakim Noah being included in the deal for Carmelo Anthony. Any Carmelo Anthony Chicago Bulls trade has to work for both parties financially and in terms of their satisfaction with the package of players they receive.

Noah Talks Delay Trade Negotiations

Multiple reports out of Chicago vary on the availability of Noah for a Carmelo Anthony Chicago Bulls trade, who has recently come into his own as an NBA player and is considered one of the better role players in the league. Some reports claim that the Bulls are willing to include Noah in a trading scenario, while others say there has been no consensus reached to this effect in the Denver Nuggets brain trust. And still other reports even go so far as to say that Noah will not be a part of any deal for Carmelo Anthony. The mixed messages coming out of Chicago's camp may be a public smokescreen designed to create bargaining leverage, or they could be a sign of genuine disagreement or confusion over the matter.

The Bulls have reportedly dangled Luol Deng, a former Nugget, as part of a possible trade, but the long term status of Deng's contract seems to make that prospect unpalatable given the uncertain nature of the league's collective bargaining agreement expiring in the summer of 2011. There are certainly indications of interest on both sides to make something happen given the tenuous nature of the unraveling relationship between Carmelo Anthony and his team, and the wondrous talent he possesses. Denver already has a three year contract extension ready for their star player to sign, but he has so far declined to do so, using the refusal apparently to force their hand in a trade.

Nuggets Still Want Carmelo Anthony

One of the other factors hindering the possibility of a Carmelo Anthony Chicago Bulls deal is the simple fact that the Nuggets still want their leading scorer and fan favorite back. They are exploring other options, but the team's preference is to have Carmelo Anthony in the fold when the season opens in late October rather than seeing him suit up with another team. But if Chicago has anything to say about it, a deal could still be done. The Chicago Bulls are one of two teams that the star forward is interested in, with the other being the Knicks.

A Carmelo Anthony Chicago Bulls trade scenario would certainly shake things up, bringing in another top flight player into an increasingly strong Eastern Conference. But any such Carmelo Anthony Chicago Bulls swap would require the agreement of all parties. At this point discussions appear to be merely a feeling out process, with neither team highly motivated to get a Carmelo Anthony Chicago Bulls deal done in the imminent future. As the start of the regular season nears it will be clearer whether the Carmelo Anthony Chicago Bulls rumors will ever amount to anything or whether he'll stay a Nugget at least until the February trading deadline.

In some ways it would appear as though the Chicago Bulls might stand to gain more from such dealings; but if the Nuggets feel like they are going to lose their star to free agency next summer, they may act to recoup something with a Carmelo Anthony Chicago Bulls move rather than watch him sign elsewhere and get nothing in return.

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