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Cedar Falls Car Insurance

Cedar Falls car insurance is mandatory for all car owners in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Just like drivers all across the state, policy holders in this Black Hawk County town have to carry at least a basic auto liability insurance policy in order to get their vehicles registered with the state of Iowa and legally out on the road. Auto liability coverage on a Cedar Falls car insurance policy protects the policy holder from potentially devastating personal financial responsibility in at-fault car accident cases, and thus represents a very important cornerstone of any Cedar Falls car insurance policy. But liability coverage is just the basic foundation of Cedar Falls, Iowa car insurance coverage, and many local drivers choose to add optional elements to their plans to round out their total coverage package.

Liability Coverage in Cedar Falls

Just like every car owner in the state, local drivers have to carry Cedar Falls auto insurance protection according to Iowa state insurance regulations. The state only requires auto liability insurance for state drivers. Any coverage above and beyond a basic Cedar Falls vehicle insurance liability policy is optional, as far as the state is concerned. However, there are additional requirements from lien holders that must be satisfied for drivers who lease or finance their automobiles. These requirements are discussed at length later in this article.

As far as liability coverage is concerned, the state sets a minimum acceptable financial level of coverage for each of the three parts of a policy; anything above and beyond these minimums are strictly carried at the discretion of the Cedar Falls auto insurance policy holder. Auto liability coverage deals with two basic areas of expenses that can be generated as a result of an at-fault accident. The first area is expenses related to injuries suffered by victims in other vehicles involved in the accident. This area encompasses the first two of the three parts of a split liability policy on a Cedar Falls car insurance plan.

The second area of financial concern covered by your Cedar Falls car insurance liability policy is the property damage involved in the accident, aside from damage to the policy holder's own vehicle. Property damage liability coverage makes up the third part of your liability coverage. The reason there are three parts is that the personal injury portion is split into two different coverage amounts: one for a single person injured in the accident, and another for all other people who may have been injured.

Cedar Falls IA Comprehensive/Collision

In the state of Iowa, there are no other mandatory portions of a car policy that every driver must have aside from liability insurance. But as mentioned earlier, drivers who are lessees or who are making payments on a financed vehicle that they do not own free and clear of debt are still obligated to carry additional coverage on their vehicles to essentially protect the financial investment made in these vehicles by lien holders still awaiting repayment of their investment principal.

If you are leasing a vehicle or are still making payments on an auto loan, you will need to add collision and comprehensive car coverage to your Cedar Falls car insurance policy. The good news is that in the vast majority of cases, lessees and those making payments on financed cars would be well-advised to carry this level of coverage on their cars even if they owned them free and clear. Most financed vehicles were either purchased brand-new from a showroom, or are used vehicles with relatively low miles on them, and they are almost always worth quite a bit of money. The same is true of leased cars. So adding collision and comprehensive coverage to these vehicles is really a smart investment protecting your interest in them anyway. It insulates you from the potential of having to walk away from an accident with nothing to show for all the money you have put into a car or truck.

Adding comprehensive and collision insurance to a Cedar Falls car policy ensures that you have some protection built-in for your own vehicle. Cedar Falls automobile insurance collision coverage protects the covered automobile against the risk of damage due to any collision, regardless of liability. Comprehensive protection insures the vehicle against loss or damage arising as a result of any covered non-collision event, such as auto theft or storm damage. The combination of these two areas of coverage add a lot of value to your Cedar Falls automobile insurance if the vehicle you are insuring is worth some money. If the covered vehicle is not worth all that much, collision and comprehensive are probably not a wise investment, because the payout for claim events is typically limited to the actual cash (or depreciated) value of the covered vehicle.

Appropriate Coverage for Your Vehicle

As a Cedar Falls IA driver in any car insurance circumstance, aside from budgetary restraints, the biggest factor that should influence coverage decisions is the vehicle itself. If your car is newer or in good condition and worth quite a bit of money, it is a good idea to add extra coverage like comprehensive and collision to your Cedar Falls car insurance plan. But if you have an older car not worth a whole lot, extra coverage does not make much sense financially. A University of Northern Iowa student who drives an old sedan to and from campus every few weeks will have different coverage priorities and needs than a salesperson that spends time canvassing the Cedar Falls-Waterloo metropolitan area in a newer car each day.

Whatever your specific circumstances might be, as a Cedar Falls car owner your insurance priorities should be determined by what is appropriate for the vehicle you own and the way you drive it. Your Cedar Falls car insurance needs are determined to a large extent on these few factors. If you have a car that you count on to cover a lot of miles each day, one that still has a relatively high actual cash value, your need for comprehensive and collision coverage as add on endorsements for your Cedar Falls car insurance plan is legitimate. What's more, in certain instances you may want to check into coverage upgrades that give you full replacement coverage rather than merely ACV coverage. This might be an appropriate decision if you could not afford to buy a new vehicle to replace the one you have today, and do not mind spending a little more insuring against that risk.

On the other hand, if you only use a vehicle in limited circumstances (i.e. a spare car for use when your college-aged driver comes home on school breaks) and its actual cash value is relatively low, any additional Cedar Falls insurance beyond what is mandated by the state of IA may be hard to justify. If your particular situation is less clear-cut, feel free to use this site as a resource to get into touch with local providers who may be able to answer your pertinent questions to help you design a plan that's appropriate for you. Saving money is important to all of us, but your Cedar Falls vehicle insurance should reflect your coverage needs.


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