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Chad Pennington Suffers Career Threatening Injury

Sadly, not all celebrities are having as good a year as Zach Galifianakis.  In the first offensive play of his first game back on the football field following a Week 3 injury that cost him his 2009 season, Miami Dolphins quarterback Chad Pennington suffered yet another injury to his throwing shoulder. It is the same shoulder that he has had three surgeries on already, and the same shoulder that he injured in 2009. He had started the game in favor of Chad Henne, who had been benched following a poor performance the previous week. Prior to this game against the Tennessee Titans, Chad Pennington had been Henne's backup for the 2010 season and had yet to see any action.

QB Asks RB to Pull Arm

After the play was over, the injured quarterback was so scared to leave the game that he asked his running back Ronnie Brown to pull on his arm to try to pop the shoulder back into place. Apparently Brown did not pull hard enough because Chad Pennington still had to leave the game. After being examined, it has been determined by doctors that his season is over. In fact, there is some growing speculation that the career of Chad Pennington may also be in jeopardy. He is not exactly young by National Football League standards at age 34, and with all of the damage that has been done to his shoulder, there is no telling if or when it will ever be right again.

It is a shame because he has always been such a competitor on the field and a joy to watch when things are going well for him. In the late 1990s he teamed up with start wide receiver Randy Moss to lead Marshall University as it made the transition into Division I-A football with a bang and went undefeated and earned the school's first ever bowl win. Chad Pennington was a major college star and considered a bright pro prospect, so much that the New York Jets made him their first round draft choice in the 2000 NFL Draft.

Chad Pennington and the Jets

In his career with the Jets, Chad Pennington was a backup until 2002 when he led the team to a nice turnaround season. He began to really show some talent and poise in the pocket and was firmly rooted as New York's starter until he started having injury problems starting in 2004. In spite of these difficulties he continued to show strong commitment to the game, even working through his first major rehab on the shoulder to win the league's Comeback Player of the Year award in 2006.

But Pennington suffered another setback due to injury to his throwing arm, and New York eventually released him when Brett Favre became available in 2008. Amazingly, Chad Pennington won another Comeback Player award in 2008, this time with the Miami Dolphins. While he seemed to have a penchant for getting injured, he also seemed to find a way to come back better for it. That year he even got some MVP votes and finished second in the voting behind Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts.

Chad Pennington has made tens of millions of dollars playing football. He probably has enough money in the bank to buy cars and pay for car insurance from auto insurance discounters even if he never works another day for the rest of his life. At 34, he is probably not old, but definitely not young, especially given the mileage on his body. It is possible that Chad Pennington has seen his last time playing under center as a quarterback in the National Football League.


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