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Champaign Car Insurance

Champaign car insurance is something that many IL drivers dread, but many fail to realize that affordable, high coverage protection is widely available all across Champaign. The availability of auto insurance is important because this bustling town is home to University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, a Public Ivy university that brings hundreds of new students to the city each year. Champaign is also home to several notable technology companies and is also referred to as a major hub of Silicon Prairie, one of the major technology regions of the US.

The influx of students and growth of local companies equates to more drivers on the Champaign roads every year. As the city grows, so does the accident rate and the need for quality Champaign car insurance. Unfortunately, what many drivers fail to realize is that having the minimum required Illinois auto insurance does not mean you are covered against anything that could happen to your vehicle on IL roadways. In fact, the insurance required by the state only covers a very small fraction of what most drivers need. Learning about basic policies and how claims work is essential to a good Champaign auto insurance experience.

Illinois Coverage Policies

Illinois is one of most states in the US that requires all licensed drivers to obtain auto coverage. However, the type of insurance the state requires - liability - only covers damages and injury to other parties when you are found at fault for an accident. Likewise, if someone hits you - and they are insured - their coverage will pay for any injury or damages this person causes to you. But what happens if you are found at fault, but also have damages to your own car? What happens if your car is stolen? What will you do if you have not finished paying off your car, and it is totaled? IL drivers are often displeased when they discover the minimum state coverage does not cover these situations.

The good news is that you can purchase Champaign car insurance that will provide additional coverage. Initially, many people are turned off by the idea of spending more money on Champaign automobile insurance than they have to, but the benefits far outweigh the costs. Keep in mind that any damage or destruction to your car that is not covered by your insurance will have to come out of your pocket - and paying a little more to insure you will not have to pay thousands of dollars if you’re involved in a car accident is peace of mind every driver needs.

Collision Champaign car insurance is the coverage that will pay for any damage or injury you or your car sustain in an accident - regardless of who was at fault. This is worthwhile insurance for anyone who does not feel prepared to shell out thousands of dollars for a new car if their own is totaled. Comprehensive Champaign coverage will cover nearly anything other than collision, which is what earned it the name OTC (other than collision.) This covers things like theft, vandalism and damage caused by an animal or weather mishaps. Gap Champaign car insurance is the coverage that will cover the remainder of your payments should you total a car you’re still paying off.

There are many other types of Champaign vehicle insurance drivers can choose from, even drivers with bad credit, and all types offer important protection. The amount of coverage you choose depends greatly on how much your car is worth to you. If you drive an old clunker that you would be willing to walk away from, then you may be fine just paying for the minimum. However, if you drive an expensive, new or good condition vehicle, then you’re going to want to compare multiple quotes and obtain as much Champaign auto protection as you can afford.

Making a Claim

One piece of knowledge every Champaign driver needs to know but never wants to have to use is knowing how to make a claim. While this may seem like a fairly simple process, it can be complicated - especially if you are involved in a traumatic accident. Even a small claim can end up being a lengthy and involved process, but there are a few steps you can take to ensure a smoother claims process.

Firstly, always have all of your documentation prepared in one place. Keep a copy of your policy number at both your residence and in your wallet. If you are involved in an accident, file an accident report with the police and obtain a copy of the report for your own records. When making a claim, be honest and provide as many details as possible. The more information you can provider to your Champaign car insurance company, the faster the claims process will be and the sooner you can get back to your life.


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