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Charlie Sheen in Hot Water

Charlie Sheen has been in the news a lot lately, even over sports headlines such as the Boston Celtics, because of his many crazy exploits. From drinking with prostitutes and trashing hotel rooms, to his very public divorces, he is not one who lives a quiet life. His antics have not painted him in a very positive light and one must wonder if his popularity can last. He is one of the most highly paid actors in Hollywood, and his TV show is very popular and critically acclaimed. Charlie Sheen may want to tone it down a bit if he plans to keep his audience tuned in.

Hit Movies and TV Shows

Charlie Sheen has been in numerous movies and TV shows. His career started with his father at a very young age, and through the years he has played many loved characters on film and television. From Platoon to Wall Street Charlie Sheen has played many different roles. He is a very versatile actor and that may be why he has had such staying power in what can be a very fickle industry. Some of his comedic roles have come in movies like Major League and Hot Shots. These were very funny films and Charlie Sheen was a big part of them being successful.

Not only has Charlie Sheen appeared in many movies, he has also starred in hit TV shows. His current show, Two and a Half Men, is a huge hit and he just negotiated a very high salary per episode. Previously Charlie Sheen had a role in the comedy Spin City, which had a very lengthy run of seasons. He has also had a few cameos in other shows. It is not often that an actor can be successful on both the large and small screen, but he seems to be one of those who can. He has been blessed with a very long career with few professional missteps along the way.

His Private Life

Charlie Sheen has had a very public private life. In an era of 24 hour news and people being obsessed with celebrity, he has been one of the media's favorites. Part of the reason is because he has done so many outrageous things. He accidentally shot his fiancé in the arm in the nineties, and shortly thereafter they broke up. He has had numerous run ins with call girls and hookers. He does not seem shy about his love for the opposite sex. After marrying Denise Richards, it seemed as though Charlie Sheen had finally met his match and could happily settle down. Sadly, this was not to be and in 2006 they divorced amid accusations of violence and drug abuse. His third marriage was also riddled with drugs and abuse. He has done a few stints in rehab, but none of them have seemed to make any difference. He appears to have done everything under the sun except allow a lapse in his cheap auto insurance. For someone who has been so successful in his professional life, his private world always seems to be in turmoil.

Charlie Sheen has been a staple in the entertainment industry for decades. He comes from very famous roots, being a third generation Hollywood star, and has been working since he was a child. Starting out with so much promise and prestige, he has become what he is today. Only time will tell if his audience will continue to forgive him for his vices and keep watching his shows. If they do then we are sure to keep watching the tabloids for his next run in with the wild side.


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