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Cheap Car Insurance for Singles

Finding cheap car insurance for singles is an essential if difficult task for most all of us who fit into this category. When you have your own auto insurance policy and you do not share the costs or the benefits with anyone else, there is a sort of freedom and simplicity to the whole process. For example, you do not have to cover more than one driver, and in many cases you do not have to cover more than one car. Any and all decisions related to coverage are yours to make, with no arguments necessary. Yet there are challenges to carrying auto insurance as a single policy holder. Understanding what goes into your policy and having a better handle on savings opportunities can help you get the most out of your single car insurance plan.

Unique Needs of Single Drivers

Single drivers and car owners are unique in that they are the only driver, financier and decision maker on their auto policies. This setup is a far cry from a large family auto insurance situation. With multiple drivers and cars, there are a number of complications you have to work through in order to figure out the best solution to your car insurance problem. But as a single driver, the complications are not so numerous. You only have yourself to worry about, so that makes getting a good plan quite a bit easier to pull off as long as you have a good driving record.

Single drivers, however, miss out on some of the advantages of family auto insurance plans. They do not qualify for multi driver discounts. And in most cases, you also can't get multi auto discounts. Of course some single drivers do have more than one car. But probably fewer than half do. So all in all, the particular situation you face as a single driver is unique in comparison to what others are up against as auto insurance customers.

You need to find a policy that fits your budget, but you also want to connect with an insurance provider that will go to bat for you when you need protection. You have to balance the need for savings as a single driver and car owner with the desire for top quality coverage that gets the most mileage out of your premium dollar. It's manageable enough to find a company you can trust, with so much information available to the public regarding large corporations and all the access you have to this information as a consumer. But it can be a bit more of a challenge to come up with a workable strategy to save money at the same time. Still, there are ways to go about doing this. One of the easiest ways to save money right off the top is to apply discounts to your auto insurance premium.

Insurance Discounts for Singles

Single drivers carrying their own policies independent of anyone else miss out on certain opportunities for discount savings, as mentioned in the preceding paragraphs. However, there are some discounts you can still qualify for as a single. Some of them can really add up and make the price you pay for an auto premium quite palatable. Some discounts have very specific and narrow requirements while others are much easier to get into.

The car you drive can help you save money on your car insurance plan. This is something to keep in mind whenever you are in the market for a new vehicle. While you are price shopping for cars, also get some prices on insurance for those cars to get a full picture of the total cost of ownership you are looking at. There can be significant price differences even among cars worth the same amount of money. Different things can increase or decrease the cost of a policy. For example, a car that's more theft prone will in all likelihood cost more on your comprehensive policy.

But there are also many things that can save you money on your car insurance. For example, you can get great discounts on your policy for anti theft and other security devices. Safety features like airbags and passive restraint systems, and even top performance on certain crash tests can help keep down the cost of insuring certain vehicles.

You can also get discounts for what you bring to the policy as a driver. Your safe driving record can gain you preferred driver status which entitles you to the lowest rates for coverage. You can get a loyalty discount for sticking with the same insurer for a number of years. A no claims discount can save you money if you have not had to file any claims for at least a specified period of time. In certain states, you can get a bonus or discount just for having continuous coverage for at least a specified minimum period of time.

There are other discounts you might also be able to apply to your rates. Alumni discounts reward you for having completed a college education. Industry research has indicated that more educated drivers tend to be involved in fewer accidents and file fewer claims than the general driving population. If you are a graduate, you should definitely ask about this discount.

Your credit score can also save you money. Some insurers have explicitly labeled tiers of savings based on credit scores. If your score is above the minimum standard for getting you into a standard or preferred plan, you can save money based on exactly which tier it fits into. Granted, not everyone has great credit. But knowing that a solid credit report can save you money on your plan can at least give you one more reason to work hard to improve your credit to help you out in the future.

The Best Policy for Less

Not every driver will qualify for every discount. In fact, very few of us will be able to get every single one of them. In some cases, certain discounts are offered in lieu of others. But in any case, there are a number of ways you can work to save money as a single driver, not the least of which is to comparison shop among competing providers to see where the savings lie.

To find the best policy for less, your best bet as a single driver is to shop online. Getting on your computer to check out the online auto insurance market puts you into contact with some of the most aggressive marketing and discounting strategies in the industry. Many companies working online sell plans at very thin margins and count on volume to keep them going. The end result is that you get your choice among a handful of competitors, all of whom are willing and able to go the extra mile to make a sale.

Cheap car insurance for singles is probably easier to find than it is for large families of drivers. Even so, there are challenges as a single driver that you must be able to deal with in order to get the best rates. Get online today, and check out the market for cheap car insurance for singles drivers.


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