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Cheap High Risk Auto Insurance

Cheap high risk auto insurance might sound like something impossible to find. For many of us who have been labeled high risk drivers at one time or another, auto insurance can be very expensive when we have to wear that label. Over the years, the auto insurance industry has expanded its use of the high risk label to describe drivers, so that today, a much larger portion of the overall driving population is in high risk policies than in years past.

This is actually good news for drivers who are being guided toward high risk auto insurance for one reason or another. Whereas in the past being labeled high risk might have been the death knell to your chances of getting affordable auto insurance, today it might just refer to a single facet of your profile, such as your age or claim history. With more drivers being steered toward high risk polices, more companies in turn are specializing in serving this segment of the driving population. Again, this is another piece of good news for drivers. With more providers jumping in, you have more selection, increasing your chances of finding a good deal on your policy.

Many Drivers are High Risk

According to industry standards, many drivers are classified high risk. The label does not have quite the stigma you might imagine being attached to it. For example, although drivers with multiple drunk driving convictions are considered high risk, so too are teens and other newly licensed drivers by a lot of auto insurance companies. There can't be all that much stigma attached to simply being young or inexperienced. We were all there once, and we all had to go through with paying the high auto insurance rates that came with that inexperience.

Actually, the notion of young drivers being thought of as high risk can even be extended to any driver under the age of 25. Since drivers under that age threshold typically pay a youth surcharge for their policies, it is fitting to think of them as high risk. If you are already paying a fee reflecting how the insurance company feels about the risk you represent to them, there is no additional harm in a label.

The same is true of other groups of drivers who fall into high risk categories. This designation is simply a name given to the type of policy you have to have for the time being in order to get any kind of coverage at all. If you have a history of serious moving violations or multiple at-fault accidents, or have been convicted of DUI or DWI and are facing the result of your prior actions behind the wheel, a high risk auto insurance plan might be your only option at the moment. The label it bears is of little consequence. What's important is your ability to get into a policy and stay insured as you work to improve your situation and clean up your driving history, or gain enough experience to shed the high risk label.

Affordable High Risk Car Coverage

Once you have absorbed the shock of being cast as a high risk driver and you have come to terms with it, the next logical step is trying to do what you can to save as much money as you can on your policy. To this end, a high risk policy is actually your best bet for savings in many cases. Different auto insurance companies have different priorities in terms of the kind of customers they want to attract. For some mainstream auto policy providers, their ideal customer is a preferred policy holder with a pristine credit history and a perfect driving record. Thankfully for the rest of us, not all car insurance companies are trying to focus on that exact type of customer.

Many so-called high risk auto insurance specialists can actually get you a lower price on your policy than can a mainstream standard coverage provider, because their rules and standards for underwriting allow them to attract a wider range of drivers and to help those drivers save more on their premiums. Whatever your reason is for falling into this category, you can quite likely benefit from the characteristics and the protection philosophy of a high risk specialist as opposed to a standard carrier more concerned with attracting drivers presenting the lowest risk. Specialists who cater to the high risk set of drivers use a method similar to a group auto insurance plan, where risk is spread out among the whole group so that no individual member has to bear such a heavy burden due to their record.

Cheap high risk auto insurance might sound like a misnomer to a lot of people, and in fact there is some truth to the thought that drivers considered high risk by auto insurers do tend to pay more for their coverage. Still, it is not the end of the world if you make a few mistakes impacting your record or your ability to fit the profile of a standard carrier. And it certainly is not time to raise the white flag and submit to outrageous policy premiums just because your driving record is not perfect. There are many companies out there who would love the chance to earn your business, and the online auto insurance market has made it much easier for high risk drivers to find a good fit with a provider to help them deal with this label and make the best of the situation.

Save on High Risk Policies

To save on high risk car insurance and make the best of your insurance situation, you have to be prepared to do some digging and search out better deals on your policy. To begin with, you should have a good idea of the kind of coverage you are looking for. This will save you a lot of time when you are ready to begin collecting quotes to compare prices from different providers. So take a little time and do this step right. Maybe focus on just one company and get quotes a few different ways to see what kind of affect adding or subtracting coverage might have on your overall premiums. Once you have gone through this step and kind of figured out what you are looking for in coverage and what you are expecting to spend, it is time to put some quotes together and see which companies come in the lowest.

Taking the time to consider what you want or need from your car insurance policy will save you from the hassle of being oversold or talked into coverage you do not need and cannot afford. You can skip the step and all the wasted time attached to it and get down to the numbers. As you get quotes back, you might see a few that surprise you for their affordability. If this is the case, check them carefully to make sure they reflect the coverage you want in terms of policies, limits and deductibles. If everything checks out and you are comfortable with the carrier, you might have found your next auto policy. Cheap high risk auto insurance is attainable.



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