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Cheap Vehicle Insurance

When you drive onto the car lot, do you go straight for the super fast red convertible, or do you search for a vehicle with more room and safety features? Well, believe it or not, the type of car you choose can be a huge factor when you start looking for car insurance as it can lead to adjusted rates for you. Insurance companies feel that the safer the car, the safer the driver and therefore the less likelihood of an accident. They can back this up through a variety of statistics that have shown time and time again throughout the years. By buying a safer, more reliable car, you are on your way to carrying cheap vehicle insurance.

What to Look for in a Safe Vehicle

Deciding to go with a four door car over a two door will save you a lot of money because research shows that there are 93% less accidents and thefts in four door family cars than a two door sports vehicles. This can be attributed to the drivers of the vehicles themselves as most reckless drivers seek faster vehicles. On top of that, sports car are more likely to get stolen as people see them as more of a status symbol. Your insurance company takes all that into consideration.

An easy way to put this theory to the test is to look at a two door Pontiac Grand Prix GT and a four door Pontiac GT with all of the same standard features. If you compare the two, the only thing that seems to be different is the doors, but when you get an auto insurance quote for each, you'll find the two door to be more expensive. Be smart when you shop and look for a sedan instead of a coupe.

One thing that plays a large role in auto insurance quotes is the cost of repairs for a vehicle. Sports cars may come with more expensive parts that will cost more to cover. Try finding out what vehicle you are looking for and then see what kind of repairs you are likely to encounter as they will be logical factors in determining how low cost your rates may be.

In your search for a new vehicle, keep in mind that what catches your eye from across the dealer's lot is also likely to catch the eye of a car thief.  This is an important aspect of your auto insurance as car theft will still result in costs that have to be covered. In order to get cheap vehicle insurance, you might want to know whether or not your car is likely to be stolen. The most common vehicles stolen come from Ford (namely the F-150), Toyota, Acura, Nissan and Honda. These have repeatedly found their way onto the list for the highest volume of thefts. Buying one of these vehicles may result in higher auto insurance premiums based on the associated risk, but the low cost of the vehicles themselves could provide a balance. 

There are a variety of other statistics you can look at too, such as what the safest vehicles are at a given time or simply what the most expensive ones are to insure. You could narrow your search based on those statistics and then do a simple quote comparison on our site to see which vehicle would be the most logical to purchase. If you still can't make up your mind, you can obviously go with the car that you like best. Just make sure that you aren't paying an arm and a leg to insure it.

When deciding what type of vehicle to get, factor in the size of your family and your daily driving habits as they may determine what style of vehicle you need. If there are any habitual routines that require a lot of cargo, then an SUV may be best for you. However, if you don't have the need for a lot of room, downsizing could be beneficial as it will save you a lot of money on car insurance. Find something that you are comfortable with, but know that living in excess cannot give you cheap vehicle insurance. Getting a smaller car will lead to a smaller payment overall.

In most cases, people already have a good idea of what they want to go look at or test drive when they go buy a car. Whether you are looking for a sedan, sports car, wagon or  SUV, you are going to need auto insurance no matter what. Finding affordable auto insurance is just a bonus. You need to decide which car is going to best suit your needs by looking at various factors like size, drivetrain, cargo room, etc.  Once this is determined, you can begin searching for the right policy for your new vehicle.

Getting the Quote for Your Safe Vehicle

Once you have decided on two or three different types of vehicles to choose from, you are going to need to look at different insurance quotes so you can compare rates and find out what you may be paying in monthly premiums. If you know what you're buying, this process becomes a lot easier. Simply filling out an application on our site could lead to a variety of quotes to compare, and they are all conveniently located on your computer. Working on the internet is a fast, easy way to get the insurance that best fits your new vehicle, and we have all the tools you need to do that.

Your insurance quote will be determined based partially on your risk assessment, which is a process that companies go through to figure out how likely you are to be in an accident. If you live in a neighborhood that is known for criminal activity, you will likely pay more for auto insurance. That said, your age may also come into play as younger people are usually linked with more accidents. Twenty-five year old males pay the most for auto insurance because they are statically proven to cause the most accidents. Middle-age women pay the least for similar reasons.

The color of vehicle that you choose will be involved in your risk assessment. Red and yellow cars that are associated with "flash" cost a lot more to insure just based on historical accident information. Most sporty vehicles are made in these flashy colors, so opting for a safer vehicle could lead to cheap vehicle insurance simply because it is in a neutral color.

When filling out the application on our site, it is important that you remain completely honest about the information you give out. Anything false could lead to an inaccurate quote, and if you go through with false information on an actual contract, you could be subject to fraud charges. So, if you drive a vehicle that you know will cost more money to insure, don't fudge the information just to get a cheaper rate. That will only cause trouble in the long run.

It is required in most laws to carry liability insurance no matter what, but if you happen to be financing your vehicle, chances are you'll have to go through a full coverage policy. Lenders do this to ensure that their vehicles will be covered in the event of an accident. They want to make sure that while they are still financially responsible for the vehicle, you provide the right coverage to take care of it in an accident. This may not lead to the cheap vehicle insurance you dreamed of, but it is necessary during a financing situation.

When you go out to buy that new car, remember what you learned here and do plenty of research to find a car that will save you money on insurance. Get a lot of quotes and different policy suggestions before you walk onto the car lot.  Know what you are looking for ahead of time, and check the safety ratings and auto repair costs before you make any purchases. It is not impossible to have a nice family vehicle and cheap vehicle insurance at the same time. You just have to put out the effort to do that. 


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