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Tricks to Cheaper Auto Insurance

Tricks to cheaper auto insurance are ways and means we can utilize as drivers to save money on our premiums and get into a policy for less, especially such when it's something like Maine required auto insurance or other states that require you to be covered. Costs keep rising and as time goes by, it becomes more challenging for drivers to get a good deal on car insurance. However, there are still ways to wheel and deal, which is good news for all of us on the lookout for low prices. As consumers when we are shopping for auto insurance, certain strategies and tricks of the trade make it easier to come into policies that can save us money over the rates we're used to paying for coverage.

Of course, it is wrong to "trick" or deceive an auto insurance company; and what's more, doing anything of this nature can also get you in a great deal of trouble. For all of us who are just looking for some relief from high prices, there are some great (and perfectly legal) strategies we can follow to find cheaper car insurance.

Ask for Insurance Premium Discounts

The simplest and most effective way to save money on car insurance without having to sacrifice coverage is to get discounts applied to your premiums. There are all kinds of discounts available from most major insurance companies. In some cases, drivers are already getting these discounts applied; but more often than you might think, we find upon review that there are one or more discounts we qualify for that are not being applied.

One reason for this is that eligibility changes over time. For example, many companies are fairly transparent with the way they use credit based insurance scoring to augment the rates you might pay for insurance. Your policy quote might contain some kind of chart with different savings tiers listed out accompanied by the credit score ranges they represent. Over time, credit scores change. Perhaps yours as gone up considerably in recent years as you've paid off debt and kept up with payments, but your insurance rates don't reflect this. Sometimes companies don't run the credit of existing customers when they get ready to create their renewal policies. If this describes you, get on the phone and get them to factor in your current credit score. A 100 point difference could mean hundreds in savings.

This is just one example among many. There are numerous discounts offered by virtually every company selling auto insurance products. Get a listing of the discounts your insurer offers and check to see if there are any you should be getting.

Save Money by Updating Coverage

And while you're checking out the details of that old policy, look at the quotes on car insurance coverage and really analyze whether the coverage it reflects fits your current needs. This is something that's especially important for folks who have been with an insurer for more than a year or two. Sometimes our renewals come and we just send out the check without really looking things over all that closely.

Don't let that happen to you. Check out all the details of your policy and ask yourself if the levels and types of coverage are really appropriate to your needs. For example, you might have full coverage on a car you bought brand new several years ago. If you own the car outright, you no longer have a responsibility to a lien holder to keep collision and comprehensive coverage on the car; and due to depreciation, the vehicle may no longer justify that additional expense. It could be smart to look at dropping full coverage and maybe investing a little of the savings back into the policy by beefing up your liability protection if it needs it.

Get Quotes from Competing Insurers

Paying attention to your coverage is important. As drivers, we should review our car insurance policies to make sure they still fit our needs and our budget every time they come up for renewal. And another thing that should be an automatic as renewal time approaches is a little window shopping for prices. Even if you are happy with your current insurer, it never hurts to stay abreast of pricing trends. Maybe you'll find that the price you're paying is still the best deal around, or very close to what competitors are proposing to charge you.

Or perhaps you'll see a company or two that are much more affordable, and you'll end up choosing to switch. Getting quotes doesn't obligate action on your part unless you see something you like in another company. Get quotes the easy way using our free quote form at the top of this page, and find ways to save on your auto insurance policy. Use all the tricks available and make sure you do all you can to find cheaper car insurance coverage.


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