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Recommendations for Cheaper Teen Car Insurance

Recommendations for cheaper teen car insurance are usually welcome by young drivers who pay the price for many years' worth of insurance statistics showing them to be the highest risk age group of all drivers - especially in states such as Pennsylvania, where insurance verification cameras may be introduced in the near future. Teens pay higher rates for their auto insurance than anyone else, because they are at a higher risk of getting into an accident or having to file a claim than anyone else. There are many different strategies young drivers can try to use to help them lower their rates. Some of them are more successful than others although most of us in this age category are willing to try anything to cut down on our high premiums.

Safer Drivers Pay Less

It almost goes without saying that being a safe driver helps you to pay less for car insurance as time goes by. But many people do not realize that this bodes true right from the beginning. If you are a safe driver and get though your first policy period with no accidents or other problems, you may very likely see some sort of small decrease in your rates (all other things being equal) for your second covered policy period.

Of course, as young teens we are not going to see big savings. But just trying to establish a pattern of safety on the road while you are young makes it like second nature to drive safely any time you get behind the wheel when you are older. And as time goes on, the savings for safe drivers really adds up. It is well worth making a conscious choice even at our young age to be safe behind the wheel and to make good choices that promote the avoidance of accidents and similar claim situations. There is a strong correlation between safety behind the wheel and low auto insurance rates.

Young Males Pay the Most

Young teen males in the U.S. pay more for their local car insurance as a group than any other demographic. They are considered the highest risk group of drivers because of the risks they are known to take when they take the wheel. Individual members of this group are assigned rates based on the characteristics of the group as a whole. When you are very young and you do not have any experience under your belt yet, there is not a whole lot you can do about it either.

Teen males are particularly vulnerable to auto accidents. They get into more accidents and suffer more serious injuries and deaths than their female counterparts. As we get older and gain more experience, we also tend to settle down. So, accident and citation statistics level off as time goes by and young men get older.

Ways to Save on Policies

With all of this in mind, there are ways we can save some money even as teen drivers. Getting driving lessons such as the completion of a defensive driving course accredited by the state in which you live is a good start. Of course, it is best to check with your auto insurance company to find out whether they even offer a discount for this type of course. It may be worth taking just for the experience, but certainly has even more value if it can also save you some money insurance wise.

Graduated licensure is another way to stay safe on the road and promote lower auto insurance prices. And the selection of the vehicle driven by the teen is a huge factor. Many teenagers and young adults are drawn to high performance sports cars and huge trucks. But these vehicles are not all that easy to control even for professional drivers. So, teens with little experience of any kind can't be expected to have that much luck at it, either. Allowing a teen to drive cars like these in some ways is asking for trouble. It may feel good as a parent to bond with your teen over their hot ride and to give them something you always wanted when you were a kid, but there are very good reasons why these cars should be the domain of older, more experienced drivers, at least until teens get out there and prove that they can operate a vehicle safely and responsibly. Get them a safe car and they'll save money on premiums.

Finally, look for discounts. The best discounts most insurance companies offer for young drivers is the good student discount or some variant of that one. In most cases teens that keep their grades above a B average and are enrolled in school full time can qualify. This discount offers off the top savings for the insurance policy, saving teens some money. Find more recommendations for cheaper teen car insurance and get those rates down.


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