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Cherry Creek Car Insurance

Cherry Creek car insurance protects drivers from the financial fallout after a car accident or theft. If you are at fault for a collision, you could owe a lot more than the cost of your car repairs and medical bills without Columbus auto insurance. You have a responsibility to cover the other driver's expenses as well, and you could be on the hook for court-awarded damages like lost wages and pain-and-suffering. These costs pile up faster than you can say "bankruptcy," but drivers with Cherry Creek car insurance need not fear financial ruin following a collision.

Financial responsibility laws in Ohio prohibit Cherry Creek drivers from operating a vehicle without liability coverage. If you are hit by another driver, his car insurance should cover your medical bills and car repairs. The state required limits for liability coverage are 12.5/25/7.5: $12,500 in medical bills per person up to $25,000 for all injured parties in the other car and $7,500 for property damage expenses. Beyond this form of coverage, Cherry Creek drivers have a wide range of options for additional Cherry Creek auto insurance.

Cherry Creek is a residential neighborhood in west Columbus, OH. The diverse area consists primarily of apartment complexes, and it is recognized as a racially diverse area. Compared to other local neighborhoods, Cherry Creek has a high crime rate, particularly auto theft. It is vital for all Cherry Creek residents to invest in Chery Creek car insurance to protect themselves should they become the victims of theft or vandalism.

Making a Theft Claim

If your car is stolen, your Cherry Creek car insurance policy may be able to replace the vehicle or compensate you otherwise. You must have comprehensive coverage to make a theft claim, since there is not another driver to hold liable for your loss. The immediate steps you take when you discover you vehicle has been stolen are crucial to getting fair compensation.

In order to make an Ohio car insurance claim, you must first file a police report. Call the police and provide as much information as possible. The police will make a report of the vehicle's VIN, make, model, license plate number and other identifying information. You will asked when you last saw the car, where is was parked, what was inside and whether you saw any suspicious activity. If you have a GPS device, it may be easier to track down the car, and distinctive markings like dents, bumper stickers and unusual features can help distinguish your vehicle from the others.

Once a report is filed, you should immediately contact your Cherry Creek car insurance claims service. You will be asked to provide the police case number, a description of what happened and a list of items in the vehicle, which you could be compensated for as well. The agent or claims adjuster will then begin working on your claim to determine how much the vehicle was worth, and how much compensation you are entitled to. If you have a policy provision for an auto rental, your Columbus, OH, insurance agent will also coordinate your alternative transportation.

If the vehicle is recovered by the police, you must contact the Cherry Creek insurance company immediately. You should have the vehicle inspected by a mechanic for any damage, which would also be covered by your comprehensive coverage. If the contents are damaged or not recovered, you could still be eligible for a settlement.

Comparative Negligence

Ohio motor vehicle laws include a comparative negligence provision, which means that fault for an accident can be shared. If you are hit by another driver, it is not a sure bet that you will be fully compensated by their liability coverage. Your insurance companies could decide to negotiate a percentage share of the costs, which means both of your premiums will rise. If you could have taken steps to avoid the accident, but police or the Cherry Creek vehicle insurance company determine that you failed to do so, you could be considered negligent to some degree.

A major determinant of negligence is speed. Even though you may have been T-boned by a driver running a red light, if you were speeding, you could be partially at fault. The Cherry Creek car insurance company may ask questions about whether you were adjusting the radio, if your vision was obstructed, whether you were illegally parked or if your seatbelt could have prevented your injuries, for instance.

Once the adjuster determines your share of the fault, you can question how that percentage was calculated. Cherry Creek automobile insurance companies are prohibited from implementing routine or arbitrary percentages of fault, so they are obligated to provide a viable calculation. If you disagree with their assessment, you have the right to dispute the settlement in court. Be actively involved in your Cherry Creek car insurance coverage to be sure you get the best settlement possible.


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