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Excitement Builds for Chevrolet Volt Release

Entertainment news such as that of Charlie Sheen and his recent antics has taken a back seat to the news of the newest electric car to be released.  Chevrolet Volt enthusiasts are waiting with bated breath for the November 2010 release of the newest plug in vehicle. Chevrolet has been touting this vehicle as the best electric car for years, and now they are going to put their product to the test. Will the Volt live up to the hype? The reviews have been mixed. Some have been very complimentary; while others say that the claims made by Chevrolet do not match up with the car's performance. No matter what the reviewers say, the real test will come when consumers decide whether or not to put their money down on the table.

Volt Basics

The Chevrolet Volt uses an electric engine that runs on a very large lithium ion battery. The engine is supposed to run for about 40 miles on a single charge. Since this is more than most Americans' daily commutes to work, it should get people to work where they can recharge and then get them home without using a single gallon of gasoline. If you were to drive past the battery charge, there is a small gasoline powered engine that will then be used to create the electricity to run the engine and push the drive train. The Volt can be charged in a regular outlet with the Chevrolet provided adaptor. This will make recharging the battery as simple as possible.

Unlike most cars, the Chevrolet Volt will not require gasoline if it has a fully charged battery. This will help reduce its environmental impact by limiting the emissions from the vehicle. The burning of gasoline from cars emits tons of carbon into the atmosphere, and the electric vehicle would reduce the amount emitted by using power from the electric grid instead of power from gasoline. You would see your monthly gasoline bill go down dramatically while seeing a slight rise in your home electric bill. This car will be best for people who drive short distances to work, school or play.

Who should Buy this Chevrolet

Some people will look at the new Chevrolet Volt and think it may be the perfect car for them. However, the price of the Chevrolet Volt will start at $41,000.00, so this alone may prevent quite a few drivers from taking the electric car plunge. There are going to be tax rebates that will help put the vehicle into more people's price range. But even with those, it is not a cheap car. Car insurance (even a specialized policy like DWI car insurance) should not be any different than most cars in a similar safety category and price range. If you have the money to invest, this could be a good way to do it.

If you are the kind of person who drives a lot of miles to and from work, the Volt is probably not the best choice. You will see good fuel economy, but the best way to utilize the electric capabilities of this car is by driving short distances and using only the battery power. Someone who wants to do a good thing for the environment will find this new car to be the perfect purchase.

With the release of the Chevrolet Volt just a few short weeks away, people are excited to finally be able to see what this car can do. Many hope it will be a success and pave the way for the electric car revolution. Time will tell if it becomes a big hit or a fad that fades out with time. Drivers who have an interest are advised not to sit back, but to go ahead and get a test drive.


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