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Child Safety Locks

Child safety locks are just another in a long line of family and car safety innovations that have made it easier for parents to keep their kids safe in the car. Safety is always a huge concern whenever a child gets into a car. It is the responsibility of the driver and any other adults present to ensure that child’s safety. One way they can make their own jobs easier is with the use of child safety locks. Compare lock installation and auto repair estimates and find the best locks for the job.

Car Safety Lock Basics

In the past, it was always an issue dealing with trying to keep children safely in the car and seated when the vehicle was moving. Over the course of time, there have been many cases in which children actually opened the back door while the car was in gear and traveling down the road, sometimes leading to a child falling out of the car. This is a fear that parents still have today.

Now, we have car seats and boosters that increase child safety in a vehicle. But by the time a typical kid is about the right age for a booster seat (and thus only using a lap and shoulder belt), he or she is usually gaining the manual dexterity to successfully buckle and unbuckle that lap and shoulder belt. In cars that are not equipped with automatic seat belts, this can be a real issue, especially when the car is in gear and the door can be opened up in the back.

Kids Opening Car Doors

Again, when children reach the age of four and definitely no later than age five or six, they are strong enough to open the back door and astute enough to figure out how to do it. In the absence of child safety locks, there is no way to prevent them from doing it, other than hoping they will not also discover how to unlock their door. But with child safety locks equipped and in use, this becomes one less worry for you to have to think about.

Child safety locks disable the lock in the back seat and make it impossible to open. There is no access to manually open it and doing so with a push button won’t work when the feature is turned on. The fact that we can turn this feature on and off is meant to allow for lock adjustment when adult passengers are riding in the back. The key to the whole thing is to remember to reengage the system once the kids are back in the car. Better yet, just leave it turned on, because no one needs to jump out of a moving car anyway.

As soon as the vehicle is in park and the ignition turned off, the doors can be opened from the inside, so this feature really doesn’t limit the freedom of a growing child in any way. It just protects curious or bored kids from making a totally innocent, but big mistake and is one more thing that we can do as parents to help keep them safe.

Family Safety in Cars

Family automotive safety needs to be a top priority when we as parents are looking at vehicles for purchase. Get all the information you can about safety ratings from trusted sources like the government and the car insurance industry. Learn about all the features you can add to make a car safe, like child safety locks, and see how much money these features can potentially save you on your rates. You could save on insurance and save a life all at the same time.


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