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Choosing the Best New SUV

Choosing the best new SUV might not feel like the simplest task, especially with multiple manufacturers in the fray and many different models out there to choose from. But if you approach the task in a logical fashion and do everything you can to objectively investigate your options, you are more likely to make a good purchase decision. There are many factors to consider, and a look at a few of them gives us insight into what we’re talking about. Safety, fuel efficiency, and auto insurance pricing are three common benchmarks that can really separate sport utility vehicles from one another in terms of their overall desirability.

Safety and SUVs

Safety is always going to be a factor directly connected to sport utility vehicles, and not in a very positive light. SUVs have been infamous for one huge safety shortcoming, which is their tendency to roll over at a much higher rate than most passenger vehicles. As time has passed and more research and development have gone into these vehicles, this tendency has been reduced overall, but there are still some in the class that do not perform well in testing.

The key for consumers is to do their homework on the subject, same goes when choosing new sedans. Take a good look at safety testing and see which SUVs score best in rollover testing and general crash tests overall. See which ones get the best safety ratings from the most respected organizations and learn what you can do to drive in a manner which is consistent with the capabilities and the limitations of these vehicles.

Sport Utility Fuel Efficiency

Another big complaint that people had about sport utility vehicles when they first hit the market was in regard to their poor fuel economy. They often scored lower in fuel efficiency than full sized work trucks. This is another area in which many automakers have worked hard, to give buyers products that provided much better in the area of fuel efficiency.

These days, there are some SUVs that are as efficient as minivans. You can buy flex fuel hybrids that run on ethanol as well as gasoline. There are more options than ever and more ways to make sport utility vehicles fuel efficient. Of course, this is not to say that the gas guzzlers aren’t still out there, because they certainly are. It is up to individual buyers to find out EPA statistics on new SUVs to see which ones do well in this area and to make their own choices on what kind of standards they are going to have.

SUV Auto Insurance Rates

The same general principle kind of also applies to car insurance. Historically, sport utilities on the whole have not performed well in terms of insurance claims, and thus on average this is an expensive group of vehicles to insure. But as with any other vehicle, there are ways to get cheaper rates if you are willing to shop around. Use our free form and explore some of the lowest prices you’ll find anywhere for any vehicle you are thinking about buying.

Just fill in the free quote form and see how much money you could save on your rates. If you can find a safer, more fuel efficient sport utility vehicle that costs less to insure, the whole package is going to look a lot more attractive to you as a buyer. Study up on the topic and find out all the information you need to know on these and other topics of importance to buyers. Get the best new SUV among current models on the market.


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