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Circuit City Online Only Retailer

Circuit City is a store that sells many different kinds of electronics. Some people may not realize that after Circuit City filed for bankruptcy it did not disappear entirely. Circuit City is now an entirely online store that still sells all the same electronic devices as before. Many people shop for electronic products from computer hardware to Tina Turner albums online because it is fast and convenient. You can buy many things with just a few click of a mouse instead of getting in the car and actually driving to the store. You may pay a little more because you will have to have the items shipped, but some people think the extra cost is worth the time savings. If you want to buy something at Circuit City, now you only have the choice of buying it online.

Circuit City's Rise and Fall

Circuit City was a very popular retail store before the fall of the economy. The only larger electronics store in the United States was Best Buy. The electronics industry took a huge hit when the recession came. People could barely afford to keep food on the table, so luxury items like big screen TVs and fancy MP3 players went to the bottom of the priority list. Most devices sold at Circuit City would not be considered necessities, and therefore their sales went down very fast. Once the sales dropped there was not much they could do to entice people to buy things. They tried to find a buyer in order to keep from closing the doors, but no one took the bait and in 2009 the last store closed.

The bankruptcy of Circuit City took many people by surprise, and thousands lost their jobs when the stores closed for good. Many of the storefronts sat vacant for a long time. Even the company's headquarters was sold for much less than it was valued at. A multimillion dollar building and land was just about given away to the highest bidder. The closing was a sad day for many people who were now out of work in a very bad economic state. This company was one of many casualties during the recession where hundreds of businesses closed their doors for good.

The New Company

What was left of Circuit City was soon bought by a company that changed the once big box retailer to an entirely online store. You can now buy all the items that used to be on shelves displayed prominently from the comfort of your own home. You can buy computers and DVD players just like you could before, without leaving the easy chair. Only time will tell whether the online format will be successful. Many people prefer to buy online, while others like to be able to see and try out large ticket items before they buy them. Sometimes people don't want to spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars without physically checking the product they are going to buy. Even so, most online retailers like Circuit City offer a money back guarantee. This will ensure that if you take delivery of something and end up not liking it, you can return it for a full refund.

The former retail store Circuit City went through bankruptcy and liquidation and the online component was soon bought up. This new online store sells most of the same products as the old store except there are no physical locations for the store. You do all the shopping online, just like most people do now with student car insurance. The wave of the future seems to be buying everything online - at least this is the hope of Circuit City.


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