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Biodiesel a Clean Burning Alternative

Biodiesel is a clean burning fuel that is an alternative to traditional diesel. It is produced from renewable resources found domestically, eliminating the need for dependence on any foreign oil. In itself it contains no petroleum whatsoever, but may be mixed with petroleum diesel fuel at different levels to create any type of blend. It is versatile and useful because it can be used in existing compression ignition engines with little or no need to modify those engines at all so there's no need to worry about repairs that can wait.

Advantages of Biodiesel

Biodiesel has many different advantages over traditional petroleum based diesel. It is very easy to use, completely biodegradable, and it is totally nontoxic. It is a substance that does not contain any sulfur or aromatics. Since it does not contain any petroleum, there is no need to purchase oil in order to produce it. It is much friendlier to the environment than petroleum based products, based both on its production and consumption.

Biodiesel is made through a process that is called transesterification. This process takes glycerin and separates it from vegetable oil. The process creates two different substances that are left behind, methyl esters, which is just another name for biodiesel, and glycerin, which is something that is already being used in the production of soap and other products on the market. This production process is efficient because even the byproduct glycerin actually finds use in the end, thereby leaving no waste.

Attributes of Biodiesel

If you have a vehicle that runs on diesel and you are curious about biodiesel and whether you ought to try it, first get a detailed report on how the fuel interacts with your engine type. This information is readily available online just like a car insurance guide, as much research has been done through the years already up to this point. There are many reasons why drivers and other should use biodiesel. It is quite simply better for the environment because it is sourced from renewable resources in the first place, and because the emissions it produces are much lower in comparison to those of petroleum based diesel.

Biodiesel is nontoxic and completely biodegradable, both of which are excellent attributes that pretty well place it in a class by itself among fuels for internal combustion engines. Its use will greatly decrease our dependence on foreign oil because it can be produced completely from materials available domestically, such as soybeans. As its use increases, our domestic economy will also benefit, with dollars spent on fuel kept in the country rather than sent overseas.

Where to Get Biodiesel

Drivers can fin biodiesel all over the country, although in areas where it is heavily produced it is easier to find stations that carry it. There are pure blends and also blends that combine some percentage of petroleum with some percentage of biodiesel together. Actually, this addresses one of the issues of this fuel in the northern climates at least, where trucks struggle to perform in the cold weather when fueled with straight biodiesel.

Of course, this ought to be no surprise to any driver who has used diesel fuels of any kind in the past, as they require block heaters or other such strategies in order for the engine to perform the way it should in cold weather. Biodiesel is one of the options that we have going forward for alternative fuel, an idea that has a lot of benefits, particularly environmentally and economically for domestic producers. Getting this fuel is the best way to give it a try and to see if it is right for you and for your vehicle.


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