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Commercial Car Insurance for Delivery Drivers

Commercial car insurance for delivery drivers is an important concern that all delivery drivers ought to pay close attention to. Many drivers who make deliveries for a living drive their own cars or trucks to do so. In many cases these drivers do not even think about getting a commercial policy. They may be unaware that they probably need it, or they might think that because they are driving a privately titled truck or van they do not have to have a commercial policy. But this is simply not true. A lack of understanding about the basis for determining your need for commercial insurance as a delivery driver can cost you in the event of an accident. Getting to know the basics about commercial auto insurance as it pertains to delivery drivers in their own vehicles is essential if they hope to have creditable coverage that will cover a claim for them if one should arise.

Delivery Drivers Using Private Vehicles

Across the country in every state, there are many drivers who earn a living in their cars and trucks. Among them, many of these drivers are delivery drivers, or deliver goods at least as a part of their job duties. Most drivers who own their own cars and trucks carry personal auto insurance policies. These policies are sufficient and provide adequate coverage for a good majority of the overall population of drivers nationwide, but not for this particular segment. There are limitations to personal policies that threaten to negate coverage for these delivery drivers using their own vehicles in the course of their work day.

Many auto owners mistakenly think the distinction between the need for personal and commercial auto insurance rests with the title ownership of the vehicle. In their minds, if the vehicle is owned by a company, it must have commercial insurance. But if the title owner is an individual, they say, a personal policy is good enough.

This contention is true enough most of the time. But that is only by coincidence and not by design. In truth, the dividing line between the need for commercial and personal auto insurance policies rests not in the title ownership, but elsewhere. Understanding this distinction is a key to determining whether you need commercial insurance for your vehicle.

Understanding Insurance Basis is Key

The way you use your car or truck, and not who or what entity owns it, is the man concern when it comes to whether you need to carry a commercial auto insurance policy on it. For example, if you only drive your car to and from work every day, but you do not use it for work, a personal policy is generally sufficient. However, if your truck is available during business hours on a regular basis, you may very well need some sort of commercial coverage.

There are multiple ways of going about getting legally insured to use a truck or van for commercial delivery purposes. If you are an employee of a company and are using your vehicle to make deliveries for that company, your employer really should have non owned vehicle coverage as a rider on their insurance policy. This coverage protects vehicles the company does not own but that are used to do company business. But if your employer does not carry non owned coverage or you are self employed as a delivery driver, you need to get a commercial policy.

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Commercial insurance is not necessarily all that much more expensive than personal insurance, depending on the vehicle you drive and the specific use you put it through. For example, a candle salesman that drives his van to curio shops to close sales and deliver the product would not have the same liability basis as a roofer pulling a trailer full of heavy equipment or shingle tear off materials. Another consideration is passengers. If you drive alone your liability basis would be lower because you would not have another person to cover in the event of an accident.

Get some quotes online for commercial insurance for your vehicle. You'll see how a commercial policy offers higher liability limits, which can come in handy especially in civil cases involving serious property damage or injury. If you haul heavy equipment around there is always a chance of an accident, and any accident that occurs is likely to be more serious than if you were just driving an empty car or truck. Having a commercial auto insurance policy ensures that your claim will not be denied on the basis of your use of the vehicle in the event of an accident. This type of denial is common among providers with delivery drivers carrying personal policies who use their own personal vehicles for work.


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