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Consumers Energy of Michigan

Fans of the Lions might consider it good news to hear rival star of the NY Jets Braylon Edwards arrested for DWI, but outside of football season, Michigan residents know Consumers Energy is always good news. Consumers Energy is a Michigan utility corporation, the second largest provider in the state of electrical and natural gas services to Michigan residents. Consumers Energy provides their services to over six million consumers in the state. The utility is the largest subsidiary of CMS Energy Corporation, a company based in Jackson, MI.

The company provides services in over 60 counties in the state of Michigan. Major cities served by the utility include Cadillac, Bay City, Flint, Battle Creek, Jackson, Grand Rapids, and Kalamazoo, among many others. The service territories for this energy provider stretch across the Lower Peninsula. The provider gets its power from numerous sources, including coal, oil, and nuclear power plants in the state [1].

What Consumers Energy Provides

This company, formerly known as Consumers Power until the 1990s, provides natural gas for home heating and other uses for millions of its customers. Their consumers get all their gas needs met for their homes and businesses stretch all across the Lower Peninsula of Michigan, but more than half of them reside in the metropolitan Detroit area. Some of the largest cities served with Consumers Energy natural gas power include Bay City, Flint, Macomb, Lansing, Royal Oak, and Saginaw as well as Detroit, the largest city in the state.

The corporation uses gas sourced from a variety of locations. Some of it is produced in Michigan, some in Gulf Coast states, and the remainder is brought in from Canada. They are able to purchase and store the materials until they are needed in over a dozen natural storage fields located in different parts of the state. This is one way in which the corporation is able to keep costs low for their customers. With prices going up everywhere, it is good to get a handle on these expenses. We pay more for gasoline, milk, affordable car insurance types, and movie tickets than ever before, so any help Michigan customers can get is well appreciated. The utility provider purchases the raw materials and stores it until it is needed during peak usage season in the winter months [1].

Options for Natural Gas Consumers

In the state of MI in keeping with the law, there are options consumers have when it comes to the sources of their natural gas supplies. They have the option of choosing to purchase it from another provider other than Consumers Energy if they wish. If they do so, their supplies will still be delivered by the company so there is no interruption or lack of cohesiveness in their normal service through the year. The same is also true of electric. The delivery system devised by this energy provider is still used to deliver what is needed to state locals regardless of its source.

Consumers Energy grew out of a whole group of independent companies providing power to communities in different parts of the state. Jackson Light Works was founded in the late 1800s, and that business evolved and changed names over the years through mergers and acquisitions until it eventually bore its current moniker. The company's headquarters are still located in Jackson.

Energy customers all over the lower half of the state count on one business to help meet their needs for power in their homes and businesses. When something goes wrong, such as a weather related power outage, folks either get on the phone or go online to contact their energy provider to let them know and to find out details on when things might be restored. Consumers Energy is a time tested institution in the state of Michigan.

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