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Coon Rapids Car Insurance

Coon Rapids car insurance will come to the rescue if unpredictable weather leaves your car damaged. The weather in Coon Rapids, MN can vary from sunny to hail to snow showers. This is not ideal for drivers on the road or even parked vehicles, which can be damaged by the hail or even another car sliding into them in the inclement weather. Having the right coverage in Minnesota will benefit those stuck in this type of predicament greatly, while keeping them legal. Driving without at least the minimum mandatory coverage in Coon Rapids will guarantee a citation if caught.

Mandatory Coon Rapids Vehicle Insurance

Policies do not differ in Coon Rapids as much as they do in other states as there are some restrictions which the state of Minnesota car insurance laws demand of all drivers. It is important to make sure these coverages are included in any Minnesota vehicle insurance quotes you review. Without the following coverages, you will not be legal to drive.

First, all MN drivers must carry, at the very minimum liability insurance. The next requirement is that all Minnesota drivers must have at least $35,000 in said property damage liability coverage on their insurance policy. This type of coverage will cover any property damage to another vehicle which you damage in a collision. The bodily injury liability coverage must be at least $30,000.

The next type of Coon Rapids car insurance coverage that is required is Personal Injury Protection coverage, or PIP. This no fault injury coverage will protect an individual who is injured in their own vehicle or as a driver or passenger in another vehicle, regardless of fault. This coverage needs to be utilized prior to making a liability claim.

The minimum amount of PIP coverage is $40,000 per person, per accident. This covers medical bills, lost wages, replacement services (such as lawn service, transportation, etc.) and up to $2,000 of funeral costs. Injured parties must use this type of coverage prior to making a claim against the at fault party's liability coverage.

The final types of mandatory Coon Rapids car insurance are Underinsured Motorist coverage and Uninsured Motorist coverage. These types of coverage protect an insured in the event they are hit by an underinsured or uninsured car. This coverage will be for injuries, not property damage, unless a special property damage endorsement is added onto the policy.

An uninsured driver will be reported to the local Bureau of Motor Vehicles by authorities and by the insured's company. A driver is underinsured if they carry less coverage than the amount of the injured party's claim. A driver could have a higher policy limit than the state minimum and still be underinsured in certain circumstances, depending on the severity of the accident.

Coverages to Add to Coon Rapids Automobile Insurance

There are additional safety auto insurance coverages that drivers may want to add to their Coon Rapids car insurance policies. The first of these is Collision, which will cover damages to the insured's vehicle, should they be involved in a car accident. Next will be Comprehensive, for times when there is a loss outside the spectrum of a collision, including fire, theft or even hitting an animal. Rental coverage, which will provide a replacement vehicle during the time the car is being repaired if the car is involved in a covered loss and being repaired through the policy.

Make sure to add any endorsements for business use, as business use is not covered in Coon Rapids under a personal car policy. Another point to remember is that insureds can have higher limits than the state minimum. The required coverages are put into place as guidelines for the minimum amount of coverage. Remember to list all drivers in the household on the policy as well. Simply because one member of the house has a policy does not automatically insure other its other drivers.

Finding Cheap Coon Rapids Auto Insurance

Knowing that there are all these mandatory Coon Rapids car insurance coverages can make the thought of paying for them scary; however, one important thing to remember is to compare car insurance quotes. Quality coverage does not have to be expensive coverage. Comparing quotes will ensure the best fit for each situation and each different driver's circumstances. This is just the place to compare all auto insurance quotes for Coon Rapids.

The mandatory Coon Rapids car insurance coverages will not be the most expensive, add ons will be what increases the premium the most. On the other side of this argument though, drivers do not want to skimp on a coverage simply because it may be a little more costly. Making sure you are insured appropriately is just as important. All drivers circumstances are different and Coon Rapids is not the place to be caught without coverage. Compare quotes now to get the best fit.


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