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Coppell Car Insurance

Coppell car insurance will cost residence in Coppell TX around $850 per year[1]. However, if you are a new driver in Coppell, TX then you can expect much higher insurance premiums than this. In fact, the average new driver can expect to pay three times this amount for their Coppell automobile insurance. If you are a new driver looking for Coppell car insurance it pays to shop around and compare price quotes. In fact, by taking advantage of an online search you can stand to save several hundreds of dollars on your premium. This extra money is always helpful, especially if you are a new driver just starting out.

New Driver Auto Insurance

The most ironic thing about insuring a car if you are a new driver is the fact that, out of every demographic, new drivers are the ones that can afford it the least. However, with that being said, new drivers also experience the highest Texas auto protection premium out of any other age demographic. Many new drivers are still in school, either high school or University. Many new drivers are not working or only working part time and most are trying to scrap and save for a place or a car of their own. Whatever the case, any spare change you can save on your Coppell car insurance can go towards other expenses that new drivers face.

So why do new drivers in Coppell, TX experience the highest rates? There are a number of reasons. Most car accidents, statistically speaking, involve new drivers. In fact, car accidents are the number one killed for drivers aged 18 to 24. There are several reasons why young drivers get in so many accidents. Lack of experience is big one as is irresponsible driving behavior. Distracted driving, texting while driving and even drinking while driving are all more common in teenage drivers. Speeding, immaturity on the road and night driving are all common reasons for car accidents and claims made by the younger generation. Insurance companies spend a lot of time researching car accident claims and demographics to come up with their rates. As long as young drivers continue to make poor decisions on the road, they can also expect higher premiums than other age categories.

There have beens several measures and laws established to stop young drivers from getting into so many accidents. The graduated driver's license is an excellent example where teenager drivers must go through three phases to gain their license as well as experience on the road. Many states have also adapted the no texting rule. Texas is yet to adapt this law but most likely will in the near future. Furthermore, teenager drivers must obey the 'not a drop' law when it comes to drinking while driving. Even if they have only had one beer and are below the .08 limit, they can still be pulled over and their license taken away. All of these measures have been put into place to prevent young drivers from getting into so many accidents.

Teenage Driver Discounts

As a new driver you need to take matters into your own hands. This means being as responsible as you possibly can on the road. Don't let anyone drink in your car and keep your cell phone in your bag and turned onto silent while driving. Avoid the roads during wet, dangerous or dark conditions and always take your time on the road. This will not only reduce your chance of getting into an accident but it will also reduce your rates on your Coppell car insurance with most vehicle insurance companies.

New drivers must invest in proper Coppell car insurance. If you are still driving Mom's vehicle then you can ask her to add your name to her Coppell insurance policy; however, if you have your own car then you need to insure it yourself, even if this means facing higher than average car insurance rates. All drivers in the state of Texas must purchase bodily injury and property damage liability protection as part of the insurance regulations. However, all drivers should also look into full coverage which comprises of comprehensive and collision coverage. Speak to your parents as well as a Coppell auto insurance representative about what the right amount of coverage is for you.

New drivers in Coppell need to keep the big picture in mind when comparing their Coppell car insurance. While right now you may be paying $3000 for your coverage each year, every year you remain a safe driver and keep your driving record clean, you will be rewarded with a better price on your Coppell vehicle insurance. Compare multiple quotes often to watch the prices drop. After three to five years on the road you can expect to pay around the same amount as other drivers in Coppell and Texas. This is something to look forward to.

[1] 04/28/2011


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