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Corpus Christi Car Insurance

Corpus Christi car insurance is designed specifically for drivers in Corpus Christi, TX. If you live or are moving to Corpus Christi, then you need to look into re-insuring your car or changing your insurance policy to reflect this move. Regardless of what you are looking for, comparing your options online provides you with the easiest and most affordable way to insure your car. Take advantage of our online search where you will have instant access to multiple providers and Corpus Christi car insurance quotes to reflect what you need. Why insure your car any other way?

TX Car Insurance Requirements

Corpus Christi car insurance comes in a variety of coverage options. Basic Texas vehicle coverage is required by law in the state and includes bodily injury and property damage liability, both of which are needed to drive on the roads. If you are caught driving without this basic insurance then you risk a license suspension and a fine. Furthermore, you also risk a lot of out of pocket expenses. Make sure you have adequate coverage to pay for any damage on the roads. For most drivers in Corpus Christi, this means opting for full coverage rather than just the basic minimum requirements.

Basic liability coverage will cost drivers in Corpus Christi around $470. This number will fluctuate depending on a number of things including your age, your driver history, your gender, where you live in Corpus Christi, how often you drive and the type of vehicle you drive. Even things like your gender and your credit rating will also impact your Corpus Christi car insurance. You can expect to pay around $350 for collision and $170 for comprehensive coverage on top of the standard liability amount. The average car insurance rate for drivers in Texas is around $854 which is slightly higher than the national average. However, when looking for Corpus Christi auto insurance keep in mind that these numbers are averages only[1]. Your individual risk assessment will inevitably make a huge impact on your actual Corpus Christi vehicle insurance quotes.

How to Lower your Premium

There are several ways drivers in Corpus Christi TX can cut down on their car insurance each year. Although you may choose to only insure with basic coverage from your auto insurance provider, this is not recommended. Unless your vehicle is only worth $3000 or less then experts recommended all drivers, regardless of how often they drive, to invest in full coverage. If you drive an expensive car, if you have a family to support or if you spend a lot of time on the road then you may choose higher limits than what is required by Texas law. For example, while a standard policy may include $25,000 of property damage and $30,000 of personal injury protection, you may want to purchase $50,000 of property damage if your car is worth a lot and $100,000 of PIP if you have a family to take care of.

One way to lower your rates without lowering your limits is to choose a higher deductible. This means that you are choosing to pay more than the compulsory amount if you need to make a claim. Most providers will require their drivers to have a deductible of around $100; however, choosing a $500 deductible will allow you to save on your annual premium rate immensely. In fact, you could save 40 percent by choosing a higher deductible.

Another option when it comes to lowering your Corpus Christi car insurance is to drive less. The less time you spend on the roads, the better your rates will be. Ask around at the office to see if anyone would be interested in carpooling to and from work. If you carpool every week with five other people then you are only driving one day per week. Not only does this mean you are wasting less money on fuel and spending less time behind the wheel, but it also means that for four days a week you can sit in the back seat, drink your coffee, read a newspaper and engage in conversation without concentrating on the road. This is a great way to start your working day! If carpooling is not an option look into public transportation, riding your bike to work or even walking if you are not that far away.

Best Auto Insurance Quotes

Every driver is different which is why you should look for a Corpus Christi car insurance policy that is catered to your specific needs. Why pay more than you need to for coverage you don't need? Furthermore, why risk your financial future by insuring with a policy that is not adequate for your car? Compare Corpus Christi automobile insurance quotes, browse through policies and speak to a representative about what you need, what you want and how cheap you can get it.

[1] 04/28/2011


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