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Cottage Grove Car Insurance

Cottage Grove car insurance is a must for residents of this small city. Most states require their drivers to carry, at the very minimum, liability coverage on their car and Minnesota is no exception. In fact, this state requires liability limits of no less than $35,000 per incident (1). Cottage Grove, MN, strictly enforces these laws for cars on the road, doling out pricey citations for those who do not abide.

Importance of Cottage Grove auto Insurance

Receiving a citation for lack of Minnesota car insurance coverage is quite common, as officers require proof of coverage any time a stop is made, from routine traffic stops to collisions. Aside from the high cost of these types of tickets in MN, there are a number of other reasons having the appropriate Cottage Grove car insurance is important. Failure to carry the appropriate Cottage Grove coverage can result in loss of a driver's license until proof of insurance is shown either at the Cottage Grove Police Station or at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Also, in Minnesota in 2010 there were 94,969 auto accidents (2). This large number of accidents makes it even more essential to have coverage to aid in the unfortunate event of a collision.

Cottage Grove car insurance is governed by Minnesota laws. The laws of this state are "no-fault" meaning regardless of one's own fault in a car accident, if there are injuries involved, the injured party will be required to use his or her own policy prior to collecting from a responsible party's insurance. State law mandates residents of Cottage Grove to carry PIP coverage for potential injuries to guests traveling in or driving their car. While the named insureds may opt out of the coverage for injuries to themselves, this is not recommended as this type of coverage can aid in medical bills, lost wages and other injury expenses which would not otherwise be covered.

Due to these specific laws, being insured appropriately and lawfully in Cottage Grove is critical. Remember, liability limits can be no lower than $35,000 per incident, but of course, can be much higher. If a driver in Cottage Grove is without the appropriate amount of limits on their policy, they will end up paying for injuries to others and property damage out of their own pocket. Not to mention, a lawsuit can be filed against the at fault party and much more can be at stake.

Finding the Right Cottage Grove Vehicle Insurance

Cottage Grove car insurance does not have to be expensive to be the right amount of coverage for drivers. This makes finding the right low cost car insurance a big factor for many residents in this city. When looking for Cottage Grove automobile insurance it is critical to compare car insurance quotes. Make sure to get multiple safety auto insurance quotes to find the best fit depending on individual needs and circumstances.

When obtaining vehicle insurance quotes, some information will be required, including zip code, if there is more than one car the individual wishes to insure, the type of car (including year, make and model), the typical use of the vehicle (whether it be for personal or business use, as this will also change the amount of premiums), the number of miles driven per day and number of miles driven per year, and whether the car is owned or leased. Most companies will also require some additional personal information on the potential named insured and any listed drivers who will be on the policy, including ages, education information, any moving violations and any recorded car accident information, this will be obtained from the local Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

The individual searching for a Cottage Grove car insurance quote will then need to determine if there any additional endorsements they would like to have, including collision coverage, to repair any damages to their vehicle should they be involved in an accident, comprehensive coverage for damages to the vehicle from covered incidents other than collisions, such as theft or fire, uninsured motorist coverage or underinsured motorist coverage, for times when another driver is at fault for an accident and does not have adequate coverage or even rental coverage, for times when the vehicle is out of commission due to a covered loss, just to name a few. It will also be important to determine the amount of deductible the individual is comfortable with. This amount will be due at the time of repairs to cover that portion of the damage should any type of coverage be utilized.

Finding Cottage Grove car insurance may seem difficult, but it does not have to be. Remembering the required coverages will aid in the search for the best fit and help to avoid any hassles down the road. Comparing quotes will be a breeze with the right information in hand.

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