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Not an Idle Dream for Bowersox

Athletes like Desean Jackson aren't the only ones having a tremendous year - Crystal Bowersox came from a modest background to become a star on one of the most watched reality shows on TV. Her soulful voice projected her into fame on American Idol and she quickly became a favorite to win it all. Although she did not end up winning the contest, she did win a record deal that in the end was probably the goal to begin with. Her new album Farmer's Daughter came out on December 14th 2010 and her fans have scrambled to get a copy for themselves. Crystal Bowersox is an example of what you can do with a whole lot of raw talent and hard work. She never gave up on her dream and worked every day at what she loved. Now all that effort is paying off for her and she can finally do what she's always dreamed of.

Climbing up to Idol

Crystal Bowersox began her singing career at a very young age. She had a voice that was like no other little girl around. She could mesmerize audiences with the grit and power of her words. Crystal Bowersox started singing in local bars before she was even old enough to legally drink in them. She would perform in front of people much older than her, although listening to her you would not think that she was so young. The unique quality of her voice impressed many and at the age of 17 she moved from Ohio to Chicago in order to follow her dream. Crystal Bowersox thought there would be more opportunities for here in Chicago and she was right. Through street performing and open mike nights she honed her skills as an artist.

Crystal Bowersox probably did not realize at the time when she moved that her destiny would be there in Chicago. She auditioned for American Idol and was chosen to be on the show because the judges could tell right away that her voice was one of a kind. Her audition went smoothly and she was sent on to the next round. Crystal Bowersox was constantly being called the one to beat as she performed beautifully each week. Even her diabetes could not keep her down when her performance had to be pushed back one night because she was sick. She came out the next night and showed America exactly what a talent Crystal Bowersox was. After weeks of competition, it came down to just two finalists. Although she had a very loyal following, they were unable to push her over the top for the win. Even being a runner up Crystal Bowersox would be able to continue her climb to her goal of being a professional singer.

The Future for Crystal

Crystal Bowersox just released her first album and time will tell whether the distinctive sound she has will do well commercially. Many Idol alumni, even those who have not won, have gone on to start successful careers in the music industry. If success is measured by pure talent then Crystal Bowersox will fly up the charts in no time at all. Her work ethic that started when she was just a child has brought her to this point where she has a record deal with a major recording company. For those small time musicians she can be an inspiration for what could be if you just put your mind to it. If she is a success she won't have to worry about paying for things like groceries and a car insurance dealer. Crystal Bowersox will be able to sit back and enjoy the spoils of being a successful recording artist.


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