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Daily Car Insurance

When seeking car insurance, one usually refers to a 6 month policy that is reasonable and searches online for quotes. The smart buyer also determines if the company is financially strong. The company must still be in existence when a claim is filed. Daily car insurance does exactly what its title says. A company covers the individual with insurance for one day. The daily car insurance can always be extended a bit longer.

Borrowing a car for a day, whether from a friend or from another source requires temporary auto insurance, or as long as the car is needed. Some people have multiple cars and will use one every so often. The day it is used requires daily car insurance. Having it parked in the garage of a home for most of the year, should be a reason not to purchase a long term policy. Daily car insurance is like a pay as you go phone plan, only with the car insurance, its existence is not widely known.

Big city dwellers who prefer to walk or use their bicycle or public transportation can benefit from daily car insurance. The rare days they use the car, should be the only days they incur an insurance charge. Daily car insurance is a great tool if used wisely.

It makes no sense to chance driving one day without daily car insurance. If something happens the cost to you will far outweigh the money expected to be saved by skipping the daily car insurance. This would include a mark on your driving record, that could end up in a hike in the regular insurance policy for the other cars in the family. 

Using the internet will bring up quotes. The lower one can be taken as long as the company is rated well by the rating agencies, such as Standard & Poors. This is an easier way to find daily car insurance than by phone. The phone call can be made for clarification purposes once the company for the daily car insurance is chosen. Paying immediately online via credit card gets the buyer instant coverage. The same things that are covered on a long-term policy can be covered with daily car insurance. 

When surfing online it will be discovered that certain companies have requirements for one day car insurance. There are companies that will not cover young drivers, old cars or clunkers and those with less than stellar driving records. Some companies may not want to cover elderly drivers. A modified car could also be rejected for daily car insurance. The companies do not want to take a risk and will have many of the same requirements for daily car insurance as they do for their long-term policies. In most instances more requirements will have to be met.

Using this type of policy the whole year will be frowned upon by the company. Like buying small packages at a time, buying daily car insurance on a constant basis will add up to a greater cost than to buy the 6 month policy. The car insurance companies are not naive.

It makes sense to purchase daily car insurance if you do not drive often. Purchasing a long-term policy is wasted money if the car is used only a few days a year. This is a policy designed for travelers and those who live in a city with lots of public transportation. The same discounts that are given on long-term insurance policies should be mentioned when seeking daily car insurance. These are the discounts for having the vehicle set up with an alarm, being married and taking a defensive driving course. Where the car will be for that day should also be mentioned when seeking a quote for short term auto car insurance.


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