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David Cassidy Arrested for DUI

Charlie Villanueva isn't the only celebrity making headlines with his behavior as former teen star and Partridge Family alum David Cassidy was arrested for DUI after police in Florida allegedly observed him driving erratically and swerving all over the road. Upon pulling him over, they gave him a breath test and also administered field sobriety testing. According to police, the former teen idol was unsteady on his feet and also failed the breath test, registering well above the legal limit for drunk driving. David Cassidy denied the charges, even though a half empty bottle of bourbon was found in his car. He said that the results of the Breathalyzer were incorrect and that he had only drank a glass of wine at lunch earlier that day. He also reported having taken a painkiller for his back pain.

Celebrities and Drunk Driving

David Cassidy is only the latest in a long string of celebrities who have been pulled over for DUI and other related offenses behind the wheel. While many of them eventually cop a plea and agree to do community service or perform other duties in exchange for staying out of more serious trouble, at least at this point David Cassidy is not heading down that road, planning to defend himself from the charges and still denying that he was drink while driving his car that day.

Celebrities seem to attract problems like these for many different reasons. For one thing, they have more free time on average than ordinary people. This gives them more time to get in trouble, and since they have more money as well, there is almost a feeling that they don't care about the consequences of their actions. For an ordinary person, a DUI arrest would be a huge deal because of the way it would impact our comprehensive auto insurance premiums. But for stars like David Cassidy, even a conviction and the resultant rate hikes might not really affect them that much. If you can actually afford to pay the penalties for these actions without really harming your finances, then the financial impact is not a deterrent at all.

DUI and Jail Time

For first time offenders whether they are famous or not, jail time is usually limited to the initial booking when it comes to these offenses. In most cases with the help of a lawyer drivers can either get charges reduced or just plead no contest in exchange for probation, community service, or other such sentence. Things like this David Cassidy arrest serve to remind us of how much different we are from celebrities. Someone like David Cassidy in all likelihood will spend a lot of money trying to clear his name. Whether they are innocent or otherwise, normal folks struggling to make ends meet usually do not have such an option because it is too costly. Lawyer fees and lost wages are just the start of the financial cost of fighting a DUI.

Stars like David Cassidy and many others have almost glamorized drunk driving at least to the point when it no longer even registers as something offensive when we hear about it. It is interesting to follow these cases as they progress because so many people buy into the notion that the rich and famous are treated differently in the courts. This is actually a good test case to watch because although David Cassidy is still a big name, he is far from his peak as a star in Hollywood. Finding out how the David Cassidy drunken driving case turns out will be instructive; witnessing the way his attorneys work to defend him will also be very interesting.


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