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David Lee Continues Recovery from Injury

After an early November collision with Wilson Chandler of the New York Knicks left a piece of Chandler's tooth lodged in his elbow, Golden State Warriors forward/center David Lee has missed significant playing time, had two surgeries, and spent time in a hospital. He is now out of the hospital and well on his way to recovery - for some people, much more exciting than the yearly Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special - but it is interesting to see how a seemingly minor thing could turn so severe. Of course, no injury is minor, and certainly it can't feel good to have someone's tooth stuck in your arm. But the impact of the collision had nothing to do with this injury to David Lee.

The trouble was the infection that it gave him. Human teeth are covered in all sorts of bacteria, which makes perfect sense given the typical activities we put them through each day. Because of an infection of his arm skin and the soft tissue beneath the skin, his arm swelled up. By some accounts, the elbow of David Lee was blown up like a softball. He had to be admitted to a hospital and receive surgery two different times as well as extensive follow up treatment. He has left the hospital and barring any additional setbacks could return to action soon for the Golden State Warriors.

Injury Issues Continue Plaguing David Lee

David Lee was one of the most sought after free agents in the second tier of the 2010 class after the so called "Big Three" of Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh, who all chose to play together in Miami. Coming off of his fifth year with the New York Knicks, he had a breakout season last year and was rewarded with a selection to the All Star Game and the United States men's basketball team for the World Championships. However, a serious finger injury in July just a few weeks after signing with Golden State sidelined David Lee for the tournament, meaning that he missed out on helping the American squad claim the gold medal this summer.

His adjustment so far this season has been up and down since joining the Warriors, but for certain this latest setback is the strangest they have seen in awhile. The injury to David Lee is surely not one that could be called routine or common. It is not like a sprain or a broken bone that just needs time and possibly surgical repairs to heal. This is something that requires a little more aggressive approach because infections like these that are bacterial in their nature can really cause a lot of damage to those who suffer them.

Recovering and Ready to Play

He has not returned to the court yet, but David Lee could be back any time now, as he has begun practicing and has started feeling much better since finally leaving the hospital for good. He signed a rich contract in July making him a millionaire many times over. He can buy any house he wants, purchase a fancy car and pay for the car insurance probably out of pocket without even looking for auto insurance discounters. But for a competitor like David Lee in the heart of the NBA season, all he wants to do is get out on the court and play the game. An athlete like this just coming into his prime wants to be out there helping his teammates. Hopefully all goes well for David Lee and that his season ends up much better than it has started. His first four months as a member of the Golden State Warriors haven't been fun.


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