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Deanna Favre

Cliff Lee isn't the only sports personality in the news recently as Deanna Favre is the wife of record setting NFL quarterback and current Minnesota Viking Brett Favre, one of the greatest players in NFL history. Deanna Favre has become an author and an activist in the years following her being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004. She used her fight against the disease to work for greater awareness and increased research funding to combat breast cancer. In the NFL, players wear pink wristbands certain times of the year largely because of her efforts. The Deanna Favre Hope Foundation is an organization she founded and head up that aims to bring women the help they need when they are diagnosed.

Deanna Favre met her eventual husband during the 1980s while both of them were high school students at the same school in Mississippi. She eventually had his baby while attending college, and in the mid 1990s moved in with him while he was a member of the Green Bay Packers. The relationship that the two of them had with one another was tough at this time, as most sports fans recall learning that her eventual husband had grown addicted to painkillers and was fighting to beat the addiction. She stayed by his side and eventually was credited as being one of the primary reasons he was able to overcome his troublesome addiction.

Deanna and Brett Get Married

During the close of this phase in their relationship, the two were married, although their problems continued as the quarterback's well documented drinking issues began to surface at the close of the 1990s. Once again Deanna Favre stayed with her husband and helped keep the family intact while also helping him through his problems. Although at this time she was never really in the spotlight, there is no doubt she played a pivotal role in her husband's athletic success. By helping to keep him together she helped him succeed on the field.

Through her efforts Deanna Favre was able to encourage Brett to enter rehab for a second time and learn to deal with his drinking habits. According to all reports, the quarterback has not had a drink in the intervening years. The couple has since had another child and also became grandparents in early 2010 when their daughter gave birth to a baby. But any family harmony that might have been building was short lived, as a new scandal once again brought unwanted attention to Deanna Favre and to her marriage. Her husband has been accused of sending lewd photos and text messages to media personality Jenn Sterger while he was a member of the New York Jets in 2008.

Social Activist and Author

Neither Deanna Favre nor her husband has commented on the matter. At this point, she is promoting a new book that she co wrote and going through the television and radio circuit in support of it. Her work as an author and an activist has put her in the spotlight in a whole different context than just that of a football player's wife. She has been in the news many times for many different reasons, from becoming involved in Hurricane Katrina rebuilding efforts to her activism and work as an author.

As time goes by, Deanna Favre continues to emerge more and more from her husband's long shadow. No one knows at this point what will become of the Favres or whether their relationship will survive this current scandal. But Deanna Favre evidently is able to take care of herself, make her own way and take care of obligations like car insurance rates through the work she is doing.


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