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Demi Lovato Checks into Rehab Facility

David Cassidy's arrest is not the only major celebrity story as news of Disney star Demi Lovato in rehab has many of her fans greatly troubled. The child actor now all of eighteen years old has apparently struggled with eating disorder and cutting issues for years. Being under the spotlight all the time from being on stage makes some of these problems more pronounced and difficult to deal with. Apparently some sort of altercation with one of her dancers in tour was what finally prompted her to make the choice to enter into the facility. Those who know her best say that these problems are nothing new and that they have been around since at least her early teens. But as of late the struggle has gotten the best of her and she has decided that it is time to do something about it [1].

Struggles Land Demi Lovato in Rehab

According to media reports, the troubles that have placed Demi Lovato in rehab are some of the same ones that plague many teenage girls growing up. Apparently self esteem and self image issues have been with her for some time. But as a singer actress and someone who spends considerable time in front of the camera and under the spotlight on stage, she has more trouble than most others dealing with it because like other start, Demi Lovato lives virtually every moment under a microscope. When most teens were just trying to save up to pay for a rusty old vehicle and their first comprehensive auto insurance policy, she was already world famous and recognized everywhere she went.

And with these tendencies, that is not always a good thing. With self image problems, even the attention of adoring fans might not feel good. Some might think everyone paying attention to them is inspecting their every flaw. There is something more deep seated about these issues that lead young people, especially girls, to eating disorders and cutting. It is hard for anyone who has never been through it to understand. Normal people read about Demi Lovato in rehab and think that she is just another spoiled star who got too much too soon. And there actually may be some truth to this.

But in reality, troubles like these may have appeared whether someone like Demi Lovato ever got famous or was discovered by Disney. Perhaps one big difference is the fact that she has the resources to get to a rehab facility and deal with everything. But another difference quite clearly can be found in the fact that living in a fish bowl has its downside. This downside is substantial to a lot of celebrities. Some of them respond in different ways than others, but there are many cases like this one seeing Demi Lovato in rehab where we witness the effects of famous people struggling in some way to deal with their fame or the constant demands that go along with it.

Celebrities in Rehab

Not all celebrities who end up in rehab get there because of their insecurities like Demi Lovato. Some are unlike Demi Lovato in rehab and are there simply because they went too far with the Hollywood lifestyle and ended up getting addicted to drugs or alcohol. But a good number of these cases even can be traced back to self image problems and issues like those experienced by this young Disney star. Hopefully by trying to take control and getting some help she can put her life in order. Maybe the news of seeing Demi Lovato in rehab will only be a onetime thing.


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