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Desean Jackson Runs off to Victory

Some people may worry he will turn out like another Kenny Anderson, since Desean Jackson has only been in the NFL since 2008, but he has already developed a reputation as an explosive playmaker. This year with the first place Philadelphia Eagles, he has shown even more of that, already over 1,000 yards receiving to go with usual punt return exploits. If Michael Vick is the engine that makes the Eagles go, then Desean Jackson is the car insurance dealer. On December 12 against the New York Giant, he had sort of turned in a pedestrian, almost forgettable performance, accounting for well under 100 yards of total offense and losing a fumble.

His team had been down 31 to 10 until QB Vick engineered three touchdown drives in just over seven minutes to pull to a tie. Then the New York Giants did the unthinkable with just precious few seconds left in the game and holding on to that same tie score and hoping for overtime. They actually punted to Desean Jackson, one of the most dangerous punt returners in the entire league. He was so surprised by the punt actually heading his way instead of away from him that he initially muffed the punt. Then he scooped it up and scampered over 60 yards for the winning touchdown. Just like that, the game was over. In half a quarter, the Giants had given up 28 points to the Eagles' top two offensive weapons, Vick and Desean Jackson.

Two Position Pro Bowler

Desean Jackson is so widely known for being multitalented that he is actually the first player in the history of the league to be selected to two different positions at the same Pro Bowl. All of this from someone who could not even get picked in the first round of the 2008 National Football League draft. Coming out of Cal Berkeley after three years, he went in the middle of the second round, the seventh wide receiver off the board. The knock against Desean Jackson at the time was that he was too short.

Well, it doesn't seem to matter how tall he is because no one can really catch up with him to take a measurement. Desean Jackson is having a fantastic season in the NFL, just like he did in 2009. This performance against New York followed a game in which he caught over 210 yards of passing for the game. It seems as though with the season winding down and the playoffs coming around the corner, Vick and Desean Jackson are really starting to click as a unit on the offensive side of the ball, which is a scary thing to think about to the other team.

Eagles a Dangerous Football Team

Earlier in the season there was talk that the QB was a one man show and that he was doing it all to keep his team in the hunt for the NFC East title. Now as they have taken the driver's seat in the race with their dismantling of the Giants, it is clear that this is much more than a one man team. It could even be argued that Desean Jackson is just as valuable as the QB because he stretches the defenses and keeps them from rushing the line of scrimmage. As the season wears on, this Eagles team is looking dangerous. If they can overcome a three touchdown deficit in the fourth quarter against a good team and a division rival, one wonders who is going to be able to beat them. Desean Jackson seems to have an extra gear that the other guys on field don't have.


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