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Discount Opportunities for Car Insurance

Discount opportunities for car insurance are easy ways to save money on premiums. They are sometimes tied to performance factors; at other times they are tied to age or other variables. But they are like free coupons to save you money as consumer right off the top. Having an awareness of some of the discounts available can help you track them down for your next auto policy. Being aware of what's out there and what you might be eligible for puts you in a more powerful position to find a better deal on coverage. Discount savings can really add up and make a big difference on the price you pay for your insurance. There are a multitude of discounts available from many providers, some of which you may not know about. Having a mindset of searching out the best deals and the biggest savings on your policy should lead you to examine the online insurance market, itself a great resource for discount savings on auto premiums.

Discount Savings Can Add Up

It can be somewhat discouraging to deal with the high cost of auto insurance. Average costs of policies seem to rise steadily year after year due to a number of factors beyond our control as consumers. Sometimes we get hit with increases in our rates in spite of perfect driving records and on time payment histories. These increases can be hard to swallow for anyone. It is frustrating to constantly have to readjust your budget to accommodate this kind of bill that just keeps growing on you no matter what you do. But there is hope for auto insurance policy holders who are seeking relief from the pressure of ever rising auto insurance premiums.

There are discounts you may qualify that could drive down the cost of your policy back to a manageable level. Of course, many drivers have heard of these discounts, and some of us are already applying a few of them to the prices we pay for insurance. You might be a long time customer of a particular insurer and be enjoying a customer loyalty discount, for example. But in some cases, there are discount opportunities for car insurance that we do not even know about as insured policy holders. If you do not know what is available or what it takes to become eligible for these savings, there is no way for you to take advantage of them. But if you are aware of the major savings that's out there ready for you to claim it, you could potentially come out with a much less painful policy premium.

Common Discounts on Auto Policies

Every auto insurance provider is unique. Each one operates in its own particular way, and every company may have its own list of discounts it offers, a few of which may be unique to that company and not offered industry wide. For that reason, it is very important to stay on top of these things and find out what is out there and available for you as a consumer. You can likely get a great deal of information from your insurer by logging onto their website, or by simply contacting a customer service representative over the phone or by email.
Do not assume that your current policy already reflects every available discount you might qualify for. For one thing, new ways to save money may be added in from time to time. For another, you may qualify for discounts you didn't used to, based on how your driving record or credit score stacks up against some standard formula. It never hurts to look into these things. In fact, if you do not at least check into savings you may be missing out on with your current provider, you are quite possible costing yourself money.

There are quite a few common discounts that customers are likely to find in some form no matter what company they work with for their auto insurance needs. When you are aware of what some of these rebate opportunities look like, you can be better prepared to keep your eyes open for them and ask for them if you feel that you qualify and are not currently getting them in your plan.

Some discounts are based on age, or use age as one determining factor. One example is the good student discount. There are variations of this discount available from many different insurers, but most of them go something like the following. The discount takes some standard flat percentage rate off the policy premium for a teen or young adult driver who meets certain qualification criteria. Age is the first factor, with most of these plans requiring the drivers to be under 25. Marital status is another; good student discounts usually are only applicable to unmarried students. Finally, these drivers have to be good students, as one might expect. Enrollment normally has to be full time and minimum grade point average standards must be met. Unmarried drivers under the age of 25 are the most expensive demographic to insure, so good student discounts can be tremendously helpful.

On the other end of the age spectrum are senior discounts. A senior driver over the age of 50 or 55 might qualify for a senior discount, and a retiree might be able to save even more once she quits working. These discounts are based on statistics demonstrating that seniors and retirees start driving a lot less after their working days are over. The risk the insurer takes on goes down, and they are willing to share in their savings with covered drivers.

Safe drivers who have great driving records without accidents or other major claims are rewarded with discounts and eligibility for the best possible rate schedules on their policies. Likewise, customers who have been with an insurer for a certain length of time, or those who use the same insurer for multiple policies or to insure multiple vehicles can also save money on their rates. There are also discounts related to credit scores, but these usually are applied automatically, as insurers investigate credit records every time a policy is entered into or renewed. Credit based discounts guide the driver toward certain types of policies and base rates.

Save Even More Money Online

There are certainly other discounts out there, like ones related to the type of vehicle being driven or the number of miles the driver logs each year. It is extremely useful to go ahead and take a close look at all the discounts your insurer offers to see if there are any you might be missing out on as a customer.

On top of that, drivers and auto owners definitely should make sure they check into all their options for coverage to ensure that they are getting the best price possible for their policy. Get online and quickly compare the prices of several different providers using a free quote site like this one. It can be tempting to stand pat and assume the provider you are working with is already giving you your best price, but a little extra time and effort can help uncover discounted auto insurance policies.


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