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Car Insurance Discounts on Business Vehicles

Car insurance discounts on business vehicles help businesses better handle the expense of insuring their fleets of vehicles. It is expensive running a company, with costs coming from all directions just to keep things going. For companies that require travel for the work they do, cars are indispensible and it is important to keep them well maintained and properly insured. But this can get costly. Fortunately there are many different ways businesses can work to save money on their policies by capitalizing on auto insurance discounts.

Finding Discounts on Commercial Insurance

As a general rule, national car insurance companies have done a good job advertising the different discounts they offer, such as tax exempt organization insurance, and the ways drivers can use these rebates to save money on their policies. While it is obvious that discount savings represents one of our very best opportunities to cut insurance costs, it is not quite as obvious from marketing campaigns how companies can leverage these discounts for their commercial policies.

Businesses in every industry need to take advantage of every opportunity they can to reduce overhead. This is the best way to cut costs and keep prices low to stay competitive in the marketplace. And of the areas of expense that we ought to focus in on as company leaders is in the area of car insurance. Yet it is not so simple to figure out exactly how any discounts can be applied to a business policy. We need to know how to go about getting discount pricing, and which rebate offers pertain to our commercial auto insurance plans. This is the only way to accurately assess our options and choose companies that can give us the lowest prices.

Safety and Security Discounts

Just like vehicles covered by personal auto insurance policies, business cars and trucks qualify for safety and security discounts offered by insurance providers. These savings are based on the premise that a safer or more secure car will tend to lead to less frequent claims and lower average claim costs than other vehicles. There are many different features on a vehicle that can help it to qualify for discount pricing on a policy.

For example, side impact airbags are a great feature that makes drivers and passengers much more likely to survive accidents of various types. They also do a great job of reducing the severity and frequency of injuries suffered in accidents. For this reason they help save insurance providers a lot of money on their claims costs. Cars like these protect the drivers and passengers when accidents happen so their medical expenses are much lower. Therefore it is a great idea for businesses to invest in these and other safety features not only for the welfare of drivers and passengers, but also for the long term insurance savings.

In the same way, advanced security features make it much more difficult for criminals to steal cars. Different types of anti theft systems thwart would be thieves and thus save car insurance companies from large comprehensive insurance payouts. Just like with the safety features, these advanced security features on a car help companies save big money on their insurance policies simply because they tend to save insurers so much over the long haul that they are willing to share the savings with us as policy holders.

Other Business Insurance Savings Strategies

There are many other ways to save on business auto insurance as well, such as special discounts for non profit group auto insurance. One of them quite frankly is to keep your fleet of vehicles insured with no lapses in coverage. Over time your company is looked upon as a better risk to insure and may qualify for discount pricing as a result of continuous coverage. Customer loyalty works in much the same way, with long term customers of the same company getting discounts as a reward for sticking around and not jumping from company to company. But even with these discounts offered, it is no guarantee that your current company will offer the lowest price. Get quotes online and find out for sure before you renew. And do it every year to make sure you are always getting the lowest price. Use the form at the top of this page and get started.

Naturally, the driving records of your employees will make a difference in the pricing of your business car insurance policies. In many ways underwriting in commercial policies works the same way as it does with your family policy back home. There are certain factors you have no control over, but there are plenty you do have some say in, as well as plenty of discount opportunities to capitalize on should your company qualify. Get the scoop on car insurance discounts for business vehicles and find out all the different ways you can reduce your expenses.


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