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Does my teenager need automobile insurance?

State and federal laws mandate that any citizen who owns or operates an automobile must maintain the minimum amount of coverage that their state's law requires. This rule applies to adolescents as well. A typical car insurance policy does not guarantee coverage to a licensed member of your household unless he or she is named specifically on the policy. Unless your teenager's name is listed on your policy, he or she is uninsured. It is common knowledge that adolescent drivers are expensive to insure. Make certain that you contact your insurance carrier the moment your teenager receives his or her license to add the teen to your policy. You should never automatically assume that your adolescent is covered by your insurance policy without verifying the fact with your provider. 

It can behoove you financially to decide if you want to add your adolescent driver to your existing policy or if you would like to purchase a separate policy for him or her. This is where utilizing price comparison techniques online can aid you in making a determination. In adding a teenager to your existing policy, he or she will be able to drive any other vehicle that is listed within the boundaries of your policy. However, it should be noted that the premiums for these other cars may increase.

A wise selection, when choosing an automobile for your teenager, can have a positive impact on the premiums you will pay for him or her. While an imported sports car might look attractive to your young driver, it is not the most economical choice a parent can make. A car with proven safety ratings and multiple safety features will be able to allow you to control the price of your premiums. Besides that, financing a new automobile will entail having to  add comprehensive coverage and collision coverage to your policy for the car. This can quickly cause your rates to skyrocket.

There are certain steps you can take to make certain you receive the lowest premiums available for your young driver. Most insurance companies offer discounts of up to fifteen or twenty percent geared towards students who have completed a driver's educational course or who have maintained exemplary grades while in school. Another method would be to add your teenager to your existing policy. The most important step you can take though is to compare prices by shopping around. It is also critical that you impart to your child the importance of obeying your local traffic laws, including the speed limit. In today's economy, it is highly advantageous to reduce your expenses where you are able to. Your car insurance premiums may be a good place to start. You may discover than insurance providers are not as expensive in dealing with young drivers as you may have thought. 


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