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Dover Car Insurance

Dover car insurance, like any type of insurance, comes in a number of options for drivers of all situations living in Dover, DE. Whether you are a new driver or an experienced driver, an occasional driver to a regular driver, there is a policy that is suited to match your lifestyle. Do a little research before buying your Dover auto insurance by comparing quotes and browsing though policy limits to find the most suitable Delaware auto coverage policy for you.

Car Insurance Requirements

Dover and the rest of Delaware operate under a tort system when it comes to car accidents and claims. What this means is that the driver who is liable for the car accident will need to make the claim to his provider for compensation for both his own losses as well as any losses incurred to the other drivers in the accident. It can often be hard to determine who is at fault which is why police officers will need to fill out a report at the scene. If the driver who causes the accident is not insured then he will face a fine and a loss of license. The other drivers will need to make a claim through their own provider through ‘uninsured motorist coverage.’

All drivers in Dover, DE are required to purchase bodily injury liability and property damage liability to pay for the costs to the other driver as part of the law in Delaware. Uninsured motorist coverage is also not mandatory for drivers in Delaware but is a good idea. Furthermore, drivers need to purchase personal injury protection as part of the mandatory requirements as well. The coverage limits are $15,000 per person /$30,000 per accident, $10,000 and $15,000 per person /$30,000 per accident, respectively. Read the fine print to see what is included on each PIP policy; some will include funeral and burial expenses as well as loss of income limits in the event you cannot work due to the accident.

Consider collision and comprehensive coverage on top of the adult and teen driver basic coverage requirements when shopping for Dover car insurance. This insurance will pay for on and off road damage to your car if you are liable for the accident or if the accident is caused by an unknown source or third party (such as a storm). These additional coverage extras can be bought separately or together as part of a full coverage car insurance policy.

Auto Insurance Quotes in Dover

In addition to basic and full coverage there are several other variations of Dover automobile insurance. If you do not drive often you might want to consider an occasional driver policy such as pay-as-you-drive. Many people in Dover will only drive once and a while or even only for a few weeks or months of the year. If this is the case, pay-as-you-drive allows you to save on your annual premium as you only pay for when you drive. A short term car policy is also a good consideration if you only need to insure your car for a short amount of time.

Dover vehicle insurance can also be purchased through a multiple policy option. If you need to insure more than one car in the same household or if you want to purchase house, contents and vehicle insurance all together, this is completely possible. You will most likely get a discount by doing it this way as well. Just make sure you renew your policy often as your life changes and you acquire new items.

Furthermore, make sure you list all family members on your policy so that they are also insured to drive your vehicle. This is especially important if you have young drivers in the house that may be ‘practicing’ their driving skills with your car. If they live with you and are not listed as a household member on your policy, then they are not insured.

Best Dover Car Insurance Rates

Buying Dover car insurance is similar to buying any big ticket item – it is important to do a bit of research before simply buying the item. Whether this is looking through catalogues for upcoming sales, reading reviews about each product or going from shop to shop to get a quote, a little research can help you make a more informed decision and ensure you are happy with your purchase. It shouldn’t be any different when buying your Dover car insurance.

With an online search you can do all your research from the comfort of home. Browse through each policy, choose your limits and compare reviews of each provider in Dover, DE before you settle on one policy. You don’t have to risk your financial security every time you get on the road – compare Dover car insurance before you buy and feel confident behind the wheel.


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