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Draining the Coolant

Draining the coolant is an important part of keeping your car running for the longest amount of time possible and can help you save on auto repairs. When you are draining the coolant on a vehicle, you will want to be extremely careful. Lots of drivers complete this process each year with ease, but it can actually be a difficult and dangerous task to attempt on your own. It may actually be a process that is better left to the professionals.

When you are ready to drain the coolant from your vehicle, you need to make sure that you have extra pails or pans ready for it to drip into. To drain your coolant, make sure that your engine is cooled off and then remove the radiator cap. After you have done this, you need to find the radiator drain plug and place your pan or bucket underneath it. Once you have done this, you can pull the plug and let the coolant start to drain. Make sure that the fluid is actually draining onto the pans that you have provided, as it is a very messy substance and can easily get on other parts of your car and be difficult to remove. You want to make sure that you conduct as clean a process as possible when you drain the coolant.

Disposing of Your Waste

After you drain the coolant on your vehicle, you will need to dispose of this waste in a proper fashion. You can’t simply just through it out like you would any old liquid. Instead, you need to take special care with it. In some places throughout the United States, there will be coolant collection setups, where you can dispose of this kind of waste. If there is not one of these in your hometown, then you need to make sure that you pour the old antifreeze that you take out of your car down a drain in your household, down the toilet, or down a clothes-washing pipe. This is a safe way of disposing of the material so that no one in your family is harmed. Don’t make the mistake of pouring it on the ground outside your home or pouring it down a storm sewer in your home.

Do It Yourself Project?

Draining the coolant is a project that a lot of drivers want to take on by themselves. This is perfectly understandable and it’s a great way to save yourself some money. Getting a professional to do the job is likely to cost you a pretty penny, so taking the steps to do it on your own is a smart move. What you need to make sure of before you begin this process is that you know all of the steps and that you are completely comfortable completing each of them on your own. If you aren’t sure about something, you should do the research before you actually begin the process. If you really aren’t sure about doing it, then you should perhaps leave it for a professional.

If you do plan to drain the coolant on your own, then make sure that you take the proper safety precautions for such a job. Make sure that you are draining the coolant into the proper pans and keep an eye on the process at all times. Coolant could seriously harm your children or your pets, so you want to make sure that you conduct the process away from them. The safer you are when you conduct this maintenance job, the better of you will be and your vehicle will be.


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