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Drew Brees Stars for New Orleans

Not every quarterback is like Donovan McNabb with a fairly rough season so far.  Drew Brees is the star quarterback for the New Orleans Saints of the National Football League. He has played for New Orleans ever since being traded there from San Diego, where he was drafted and made the Pro Bowl in 2004. He was drafted in the second round of the NFL Draft in 2001 after a great college career playing at Purdue. He was traded to the Saints so that San Diego could make room for Philip Rivers, who is now their starting quarterback. Overall, he has had a remarkable career in the National Football League, having been selected to the Pro Bowl four times overall including three since joining his current team.

But his highest accomplishment so far has been the Most Valuable Player award that he won following Super Bowl XLIV, a game in which he led his team to victory. That game meant a lot to Saints fans who before his arrival had grown accustomed to the usual losing year after year. With him under center, New Orleans' offense is prolific, capturing NFL records and helping the team pile up wins. As his career hits its probable midpoint, it is obvious that Drew Brees has already achieved a lot more than most quarterbacks do through their entire career.

Devastating Shoulder Injury

A big part of the reason why the San Diego Chargers were willing to let go of Drew Brees the way they did was the debilitating shoulder injury he suffered that many wondered if he would ever recover from. The injury required multiple surgeries and the Chargers already had a lot of money invested in Rivers, whom they had drafted a few years previous. Drew Brees up to this point had been so spectacular that San Diego couldn't bring themselves to let him go. But the injury made their choice easier. He was a free agent and they made him an offer with very little guaranteed money. He took it as a sign that they had no confidence in the injury which was to his throwing shoulder and decided to test the free agent market.

The Saints and the Miami Dolphins both showed interest, but Miami was not as convinced about the throwing shoulder, so Drew Brees ended up signing with the Saints. All he has done in his time there was make three Pro Bowls, pass for over 5,000 yards in a single season, and lead the team to multiple playoff appearances including a Super Bowl win. Drew Brees through his on the field performances has proven what he told San Diego several years ago, which was that he was one of the top quarterbacks in the league.

Future Bright in New Orleans

The New Orleans Saints have some nice talent on both sides of the football and special teams as well. Reggie Bush and Marques Colston are just a few of the offensive weapons Drew Brees has helping him when they have the ball. The next few years should be very good for the team and very productive for Drew Brees as long as he stays healthy. He has truly developed into one of the very best passers and team leaders in the game. His play has proved that his new team was wise back in 2006 when they scooped him up with a free agent offer no one else was willing to make. Drew Brees has had a few injury problems this season, but at least he has plenty of money for his import car insurance. Drew Brees should be in uniform for several more years to come.


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