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Driving Situations Teens Should Avoid

Teenage drivers are often at an increased risk to get involved in accidents. This is what accounts for the higher rates that they have to pay when it comes to insurance coverage. The best way for teens to get these rates to come down is to make sure that they are safe drivers at all possible times. The safer that they can prove to be, the lower their rates are going to be in the future. To make sure that your teen can qualify for good driving discounts, you need to make sure that he or she understands that there are certain driving situations that should be avoided.

Because most teens are really inexperienced, they might not understand that all driving situations are going to call for different skills. Many teens think that driving is just some boring activity that doesn't require any real skill or attention other than occassionally replacing upholstery or washing tires. This couldn't be further from the truth, so you need to make sure that your teen understands that there are lots of different situations that should be approached with caution and some situations that should be avoided completely.

The Most Dangerous Situations

Obviously, teenage drivers should avoid drinking while driving. This is, first and foremost, against the law, and it can really cause some significant damage and the loss of life. You need to instill this knowledge in your teen drivers at a young age, so that they can know to avoid it at all costs. It can be tempting when you are young to engage in such reckless behavior, but teens need to know that this can have real consequences. You should also impress upon your teen that they should not be a passenger in any car when the driver has been drinking.

Teenage drivers should also avoid driving late at night. In some states, there are actually restrictions on licenses that limit the times that teens can be on the road. Driving at night can be a really dangerous thing for a driver who does not have a lot of experience. It can be difficult to see other cars or things in the road, and this makes it a really dangerous situation. Try to make your teenage driver understand that it is often much safer to travel when you can see everything around you, and try to get them to avoid driving at nice as much as they can.

Driving while tired is another situation that teens need to avoid if possible. This is often something that gets commuting students into a lot of trouble. They think that they can just push through and make it home without stopping for a rest, only to find that they fall asleep behind the wheel or become less alert. This is certainly bad news, and your teen should know that it is something to be avoided at all costs. Make sure that your teen knows to stop and rest whenever he or she feels tired.

Texting While Driving

Texting and driving at the same time is one of the most dangerous things that your teen could do. When you are focused on the phone instead of the road, there is a good chance that you will be distracted and not notice certain things. You obviously need to be paying attention to the road and traffic instead of looking down at your phone. In a lot of states, it is actually illegal to text and drive, but all teens should know that this behavior is bad for them. Texting while driving is one of the most important driving situations teens should avoid.


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